Here’s days 3 and 4 of installing roofing sheets on our steel frame kit home, and these two days were all about the alfresco out the back of the house. *** I should also point out that I referred to us using a circular saw to cut the roofing sheets, when in actual fact it was a hand-held grinder – sorry, my bad (Storm) 🙂 *** These last few days of putting up the roofing sheets were mostly a couple’s effort on our part and we worked hard to measure, cut, and screw in the sheets as they went up [More]
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Two Chicago, IL based programs are changing the way young students can engage in environmental and STEM education. 2017 ULIEA winners Chicago Eco House and Science Career Continuum (of Chicago Botanic Garden) collaborated to deliver an action-packed day of programming to students of both programs. Together, they learned about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and the power of community. Learn more about Chicago Eco House here: Learn more about Science Career Continuum here: Learn more about the UL Innovative Education Award here:
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Entrevistado: Máximo Mazzocco, fundador de Eco House y miembro de la Alianza x el Clima. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:
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