White Cedar Log Homes and Mini Cabins by Landmark Home and Land Co.

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We offer White Cedar log siding in 6″ and 8″ logs to be placed on your existing home or our panelized home kit for your new home. We also offer, cedar spindle and railings, log posts, custom staircases, white pine interiors, custom cabinets and doors. There are floor plan options and we can also help you with your own plan. Landmark’s log homes are stylish and easier to build and maintain than a typical log home. The framing is our panelized home system wrapped in cedar logs, or siding, interior is trimmed in white pine. There are endless options to the design and floor plans. Also endless options on interior trim. We sell these homes in kit form for assembly on your site. They are also available for sale world wide. Their cost is a fraction of a real custom log home. Kit prices for your own assembly are even less expensive. We can also help with structural engineering for hurricanes, earthquakes, snowloads, soil conditions, etc. Please also view out other videos on YouTube. Landmark Home and Land Co has been helping people build homes since1993 and would like to help you with your new home project. Our website is www.LHLC.com, email is landmark@LHLC.com. Phone is 800-396-5556.


landmarkhomeandland says:

@craftlover9 There are actually a couple of homes in this videos. please let us know what features you like and we can figure the home out. they are both very cool homes. you can email me directly at landmark@LHLC.com. Thanks, Steve

craftlover9 says:

How much was this model?

luxuryloghomes says:

The cabin is very nice. The design is very beautiful. It is such a perfect place where you and your family can relax. It’s great to have such place.

landmarkhomeandland says:

Landmark’s cabins can all be customized to your needs. They can be built almost anywhere. We can engineer them for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Snowloads and expansive soils. We have customers all over the United States and Worldwide. Please email us at landmark@LHLC.com or call 708-205-2043 with questions. Thanks,

berry77425 says:

Is that why everything looks so rounded?? if it isnt everything looked rounded off to me and yes that drove me crazy!!

CjAl78 says:

quit using the fisheye lens to try and make it look bigger. it’s annoying. Nice cabin, looks like home

matt4270 says:

Beautiful home, really cool song!

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