The Sims Freeplay – DIY HOMES: FAQ (Basement, Balcony, and Make Out Couch)

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Hello World!

Since the Renovation Revolution quest has started,
a few questions keep coming up.
I am going to try and address them in this video.
Hope it will be helpful 🙂

Good Luck :)


XtraFire says:

I am lvl 19 and I don't have it :,(

Marihah Ajaib says:

I'm doing it

Tammy Wilder says:

love the vids so far its been helpful i know how to do them just you tell how long things take which is helpful to know lol for timed quests

scott13124 says:

I think the make out couch is in the living room section of the home store

bailee Davenport says:

I got the make out couch from the quest but I can't find it

Sharon Davis says:

if you dont do the quest in time to get the couch, how else can we get the couch

Sparklingstarsimmer says:

Hello , I'm on level 34 and I can't get this quest , I am on the newest updat but cannot get it !!??

Phoenix Firdaus says:

I didn't finish the quest but,I think the couch changed to the retro couch because…maybe Bree gave the Make Out Couch to you? I just used my imagination 🙂 

Ben D. says:

What About The Elevator Quest? Cause in the trailer it shows a elevator in it so is it True? 

scott13124 says:

The quest is coming out on Wednesday! Can't wait!!!

scott13124 says:

I guess I was wrong about the release date of the other two quests….:( Hope they come out soon!!!!

IMeanWhat says:

Oh! One more thing. How do you record/edit and commentate your videos?

IMeanWhat says:

I don't want to sound desperate, but obviously I am. Haha.
Could you add me +Scott13124?

IMeanWhat says:

Anyone can add me.
:). Hoping to get more neighbors, and complete some quests for the Social thing.

ehab mattar says:

How big can the basement be?

quaymari turner says:

The one after that one the one with the alien 

Emi kocha konie says:

wow, thnx, this was useful :D

I Dont Care says:

5,000 SUBSCRIBERS !!!!!!! YAY !

quaymari turner says:

The one when u building the restaurant and u have to feed the three ppl

scott13124 says:

Is anyone sure when the Balcony quest will come out?

Kacper Krzyzanowski says:

If you what that house can you get it because it will not let me

quaymari turner says:

The next quest need help on it

quaymari turner says:

Scott need help on the next quest with the restaurant plz make a video

keni says:

Oh and please do a step by step house so when patios come build a house with a patio and then when balcanys come add balcanys and then finnaly basement and we can all see how it turns out at the end thank you

keni says:

Hi scott

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