“The Brentwood” A 1933 Sears Catalog Kit House Preserved In Time! In Historic Centreville Park

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This is a video I put together of an old 1933 Sears Catalog Kit House. This model is called “The Brentwood” These houses could be bought out of a Sears catalog as a kit house with some assembly required. This little historic home was well preserved in time, neat to see, and housed appliances from back in the day too. The house is located in Historic Centreville Park in Centreville, Virginia. I took this video on 8/13/2017.


Just Sheilz says:

Cool! They've really kept it nice.

Gina Diefenbach says:

Wow place is so cute , I really enjoyed this video Jacob thanks !

Becky Nussear says:

Button pusher!!!! We will have to find out about the events they have! I want to check out the Civil War event and the inside of the house!!

Zach Taylor says:

This was so cool to see.

Hike with Mike says:

That is awesome!…my brother in law lived in a sears house in michigan…very well built!

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