Taramea Passive House

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Taramea Passive House, by Climate House, is a Low Energy, Prefabricated House located in alpine region of Queenstown, New Zealand. The home uses 95% less energy than a code built home and requires no heating system in Winter to stay a comfortable 20-23 degrees, even tested down to minus 7 degrees.

The Taramea Passive House also has integrated solar, home battery services and electric car systems.

It is available for winter and summer holiday bookings so families can experience low energy living. https://www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/12251384



Devester One says:

With $$ you can build a dream

LPS Scruffy Paws says:

I'm living in this house this year lol

Romy Van Handley says:


lo durr says:

just beautiful!

SuperTombarton says:

Wonderful house, but how resilient would it be in regard to severe, inclement weather?

gwensf says:

What a view!

Jeremy Harris says:

If you don't want a passive house then you don't really understand what it is.

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