ROSE Cottage Project- Video #9 – Using Large Stone. We used large stone from on site to create a retaining and slope stabilization ‘wall” on the north side of the ROSE Cottage. Recycling on site material saves money and is a sustainable way to put available material to the highest and best use. At the toe of slope we used wood chips to form our erosion control barrier—the chips we made on site from low grade wood species during the lot clearing operation. Our RCM (ROSE Construction Method) zero net energy home project is situated on an 8.86 acre parcel [More]
Marriott Property Investments…Eco-Builds….Just some of the stunning examples under our ‘ ECO-LOGICAL’ range…Studios, Cabins, Cottages,Lodges and Pods. The Finest Quality Timber KIT HOMES ….designed in UK and Germany, manufactured in Finland and supplied and constructed for the Global Market.
Animated Video Walkthrough of the design from Ghent University for the 2011 Solar Decathlon Competition organised by the US Department of Energy.
ROSE Cottage Project video describing the access trail construction to the pond and the permitting associated with it.
JNC Pty Ltd provides engineering services to Modra Hayes for the design and fabrication of the modpodTM. Become a friend of modpodTM on Face Book at: www.facebook.com See more about the modpodTM at: www.modpod.co Channel 7 ran an article on the modpodTM in South Australia in early December 2009, In the first week of January 2010, they ran the same article again but this time nationally.

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