Light Steel Modular House,Prefabricated House, Mobile Home, Sentry Box is a new green house. * Quick installation. * Can be used for temporary and permanent accommodation. * Magnesium oxide floor boards. Fire proof and durable. * Very light 0.8-1.2mm galvanized lip channel steel. * Unlimited floor space can be designed accordingly * Mild Steel chassis are also available on request.
Our mission is to produce top designed, user-and environment-friendly wooden prefabricated houses. Products and information we offer in the field of low-energy wooden construction, have been subjected to thorough review and compliance with current standards in this area. In short – Prefabricated Houses ekokoncept!
Prefabricated house is made of different types of square tube and different version of sandwich panels. Prefabricated house features: free entry, easy to transport, easy to move, suitable to locate on the hillside, grasslands, deserts, river. Prefabricated house uses: dormitories, dining hall, classrooms, offices, simple shed, hospitals, activity booth, etc.
Duration approx. 30 minutes — Assistance in assembling your summer house.
Prefabricated wooden houses http://www.q-haus.eu
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This house is the result of extensive design and engineering work to create a home that has the highest energy performance at an affordable cost. We have worked with engineering consultants in both the US and Europe to develop our designs, incorporating the best and most up-to-date engineering into our prototype’s construction and components. G•O Logic has traveled to Germany to source the highest performing building components to incorporate into our buildings. We believe that to build for the future, we need to utilize the very best technology today.
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