A video showing the first part of the 7-day quest called “DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio”. Staring on the 28th of April, you have to be at level 15 to get this quest and you can start at any time by tapping on the bubble above a woman wearing a construction outfit in the park to initiate the quest. She looks like a builder and walks around surveying, so she’s not in a specific spot. If you finish the quest within 7 days, you can unlock a Make Out Couch to be put in your houses for your teens and adults, [More]
Join me as my son and I tour a fabulous Prefabricated home in Rogers Minnesota. This home has all the bells and whistles for less than half of what it would cost you to build a home of this magnitude. In this video I talk about how buying a prefabricated home keeps you debt free and the flexibility and freedom you have to change things up when you are needing to move to another location.
Prefabricated wooden houses http://www.q-haus.eu
A video showing the final part of the 7-day quest called “DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony”. Staring on the 6th of May, you have to be at level 17 to get this quest and you can start at any time by tapping on the bubble above a woman wearing a construction outfit in the Community Center to initiate the quest. If you have not build the Community Center, you may not be able to do the quest. If you finish the quest within 7 days, you can unlock some new planters and privacy screens to be put in your houses. Otherwise, [More]
Greenfab’s current project, located in Seattle’s Jackson Place neighborhood, is the first prefab, modular constructed home targeting LEED for homes Platinum and Built Green 5 Star+ This demonstration home is the brainchild of Greenfab, a provider of sustainable, affordable and well-designed homes and communities with the long-term vision to encourage mainstream use of modular construction to provide healthier homes at a more affordable price point. Currently under construction, the demonstration home will be open for tours for a limited time upon completion. As this first Greenfab project continues construction, we are dedicated to updating you often on the process, progress [More]
California’s premier panelized home building kit company for owner builders. Save time & money with pre-framed wall sections & roof trusses for homes, barns & garages.
This video features many photos of the German ‘kit-house’ manufacterers, Huf Haus. They are prefabricated type house which are built in various different sections in their factory, then shipped to the house building site, then finally bolted & fastened together by a crack team of German workers. Huf Haus oversee the entire process from design & architecture right through to internal fixture & fittings…… And, being German, to the very highest quality. I’ve even heard of an entire kitchen’s tiled wall fitting to be stripped out after completion as the tile grouting was just 1mm different on each end!! Wooah! [More]
Light Steel Modular House,Prefabricated House, Mobile Home, Sentry Box is a new green house. * Quick installation. * Can be used for temporary and permanent accommodation. * Magnesium oxide floor boards. Fire proof and durable. * Very light 0.8-1.2mm galvanized lip channel steel. * Unlimited floor space can be designed accordingly * Mild Steel chassis are also available on request.
Our mission is to produce top designed, user-and environment-friendly wooden prefabricated houses. Products and information we offer in the field of low-energy wooden construction, have been subjected to thorough review and compliance with current standards in this area. In short – Prefabricated Houses ekokoncept!

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