When Karachi-residents Nabeel, Yaseen, and Saquib, are not fighting over video games, these three friends are winning awards for Pakistan through their startup, Modulus Tech. Watch this video to learn more about their innovative design for flat pack shelters and homes; the scope of their business (00:40); what keeps them motivated (01:01); working with friends (02:00); challenges faced as a hardware startup (03:10); the role of the incubator Nest I/O (04:10); lessons learnt (04:52); and their competition (05:40).
How to make a DIY house using A-4 sheets 🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠 by Nakul in Techno Point N7
C&J use the used wood from the old dock to build a custom headboard. Subscribe to DIY Homes on YouTube: http://lickst.at/DIYHomes Discover more Lifestyle YouTube Channels ➤ THE PROPOSAL WEDDING DRESSES: http://lickst.at/theproposal Discover more Food YouTube Channels: ➤ COCINA BAKING (SPANISH) : http://lickst.at/cocinabaking ➤ EATS FOODIE: http://lickst.at/eatsonyoutube ➤ FOOD FACE OFF: http://lickst.at/foodfaceoff
http://eczemahealing.org/ | Coaching | Ebook | Blog | Healing Plan. How to Perform an Enema Using a Home Enema Kit I couldn’t believe that in a world where it is possible to put a man on the moon, or fly a plane from one continent to another, it was impossible for the skin of a human to be permanently healed. I heard time and time again from authoritative sources, that my skin would never heal, but somewhere within me, I knew that the knowledge was out there – it just needed combining into a concise place, and applied consistently. I [More]
For more Information visit http://www.grannyflatsbuilderperth.com.au Phone: (08) 9397 0963 Address: 630 Armadale Road Forrestdale WA 6112 Fax: (08) 9397 0956 ABN: 51 079 433 471 In Perth any dwelling over $20,000 can only legally be built by a licensed builder. If you choose to use a builder without a license, you basically have no protection against shoddy or faulty workmanship. Before you sign any agreements or the builder begins your work, ask the builder for proof of his Government Approved Builders License. If he cannot produce a license and you go ahead with the work, it is at your own [More]
A simple video showing you how you can build your own straw bale house. feat. 3 little pigs and 1 bad wolf Special thanks to music by : https://www.youtube.c…
Marvin Windows and Doors helped in the creation of this state-of-the-art 3600 square foot classic New England home. It was built using some of the most adva…
http://shysky.com/survival-tips.html – Join us for more DIY camping gear ideas. Here’s a simple little DIY camping gear trick using common drinking straws to…
Solo built this house for our client in Liss, Hampshire. Access to the plot to build the house was very difficult and the site itself very compact, so its difficult to get a good photograph of the house. We supplied and erected the Timber Frame itself, The external cedar cladding, The glass balconies and even the Zinc roof! We then supplied all of the internal joinery, plasterboard and insulation. You can find the floor plans in the Design Library on our website. Its called ‘The Watering Hole’. www.solotimberframe.co.uk
mccarthyholden.co.uk SOLD by Mccarthy Holden using film tours – An Exquisite Huf Haus set in 30 acres on the outskirts of Odiham, Hampshire. Sold c. £3750000 McCarthy Holden

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