We can supply the rubber seal and pvc and teel trims to link 2 units or more 20ft contaner houses together. Please contact us by email: info@csmodularhouse.com. Please also check more information on our website: www.csmodularhouse.com
We start today`s program in Malaysia. Tzu Chi is planning to build prefabricated homes for disaster survivors in the former flood zone of Manek Urai, Kelantan, as part of their mid to long term assistance project for the region that suffered from the worst flooding seen in a third of a century. Recently two of the prefabricated home units arrived from Taiwan to serve as a sample home for cash-for-work participants to later use as a reference. But before the units could be assembled, local residents had to work through the night to lay the cement foundation for the homes. [More]
Flat Pack housing building demo. Easy to erect housing for mining camps, granny flats, transportable buildings,
How to assemble flat pack foldable storage – foldable containers from Bell Container Ltd (http://www.bellcontainer.co.uk/folda-store.html) Expanda-Store flat…
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