Survival kit from ZIPTAC This entry level survival kit houses a fantastic selection of items designed to give you many different options for many different scenarios such as, maintaining your core body temperature, processing food, making fire, navigation, self-defence, communication, escape or enter structures, lighting and for a true survivalist / prepper much much more. The items in this kit if I were to rate them out of 5 would average out to a 3, mid range. The build quality is very reasonable for the most part and they perform very well. The only item I’m not too sure about [More]
Mål: Bygge et murhus En hvetefarm Lage en sandstrand Bygge en trehytte Bygge en mobtrap Eksplodere alt spor etter mennesker etter alle målene er ferdige!
I put together a survival kit that contains almost the same items than Bear Grylls basic survival kit for less then half the price of the original kit. I sai…

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