Eng/Turkish/Nat The first of around twenty-thousand ethnic Albanian refugees arrived in Northwestern Turkey on Monday night. They were reportedly selected at random by Macedonian officials who are growing ever more apprehensive about their swelling numbers. The Kosovans are to be sheltered in prefabricated houses in Gaziosmanpasa, Kirklareli, which were built for ethnic Turks who fled Bulgaria a decade ago and also used to accommodate Muslims fleeing the Bosnian war. After NATO announced plans by many member-states to temporarily take in some one-hundred and ten-thousand Kosovo refugees the first arrived in Turkey from Macedonia on Monday night. More than one thousand [More]
A tragedy of modern times is the millions of refugees displaced by poverty, oppression, war and natural disaster. Most end up living in canvas tents of a basic design that are hot in summer, cold in winter, and only last about six months in constant use despite some refugees living in such tents for up to 12 years. On World Refugee Day in June, the Ikea Foundation unveiled a new flat-pack refugee shelter with a modular design and solar panel designed to help improve living conditions for refugees. The Ikea shelter is a modular flat-pack design The shelter incorporates a [More]
On World Refugee Day (June 20th) we celebrate the unique knowledge donation IKEA staff are giving to the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR. At the IKEA Foundation, …

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