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sorry, this is a prefabrication nation.
Prefabricated living room manufacturer Layout:Can be customized Size:Can be customized Frame:Galvanized steel tube Roof&wall panel:EPS/ glass fiber panel Usage:Living room,home,dormitory and so on Email to admin@hbbfgg.com Website:http://www.bf-house.com/ Alibaba:https://chinagreenhouse.en.alibaba.com/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pg/bfsteelstructure/posts/
light stel prefabricated cement house installation video1
Timber-frame panel house produced by UAB Gildera and assembled in Vestre Slidre, Norway.
Passivhaus prefabricated homes for the UK self-build and custom build market.
STRAWTEC offers many variaties in house construction. From a simple house up to luxury family house. The big advantage of the construction material is the speed of construction. Basicly the kind of construction with a metal frame, straw panels and pre-fabricated walls is a great solution for low cost, medium an luxury housing with a long durability
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