Functional Mini Homes Prefabricated Outdoor Rooms by Kanga Room Systems l XHOMEZ 055. Buildityourself Tiny Homes Modular Standalone Rooms by Kangaroom Systems. Kanga Room Home In Austin. Affordable Spaceous Little House l High Quality Prefabricated Homes l XHOMEZ 040. Prefab Modern Cottages Collection Of Prefab Building Pictures. Modern Look Little Home l Solar Infill Mini House by Lanefab l LEED Accredited Design. Luxury Selfcatering Beach House l Sweeping Ocean View Al Fresco Dining Open Plan Living Area. A Two Color Tiny Cottage. Prefab Modern Cottages Picture Collection Of Prefab Buildings. Prefab Cottages Pictures. Functional Mini Homes,, small homes, small houses, [More]
Mini House is a functional prefabricated modular home that comes delivered flat-packed and can be constructed on-site in just two days. The first prototypes, which were designed and built by Swedish architect Jonas Wagell in 2010, are currently being used as summer houses in different parts of Sweden. Mini House is designed by Swedish architect Jonas Wagell (image: Andy Liffner) The flat-packed Mini House modules feature prefabricated walls, framing, roofing and trim-less windows that can be easily constructed on-site (image: Andy Liffner) The design includes an insulating polystyrene core which is cladded with plywood or plastic laminate (image: Lars Petter [More]
Amy Chewning is only 31 and is married with two children under the age of 3. She is also a cancer survivor and we sent them to the beach while we took care of some things around the house.
Landmark Home and Land Company can help you build your own home. We can draw your plans, engineer your home and deliver a panelized home kit to your building site. Our panelized homes are easy to assemble and have a guaranteed price. We can engineer your home for earthquakes, hurricanes, snowloads and expansive soils. We Since 1993 we have been helping customers build their projects. We can help you design and engineer your home or building. We offer excellent customer service.
We offer White Cedar log siding in 6″ and 8″ logs to be placed on your existing home or our panelized home kit for your new home. We also offer, cedar spindle and railings, log posts, custom staircases, white pine interiors, custom cabinets and doors. There are floor plan options and we can also help you with your own plan. Landmark’s log homes are stylish and easier to build and maintain than a typical log home. The framing is our panelized home system wrapped in cedar logs, or siding, interior is trimmed in white pine. There are endless options to [More]

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