These tiny houses are called M.A.DI homes. They are manufactured in Italy and transported like shipping containers to be quickly assembled in around 6 hours. The tiny homes start from around £24,600 for 27 square metres of living space. Each additional module costs €16,000 (£14,000 or $19,000) while an extra staircase will set you back €2,000 (£1,800 or $2,400). The tiny homes, which are manufactured by Italian wood specialist Area Legno, are also eco-friendly. —————————————-­­­­———- Follow BI UK on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Nz3jG3 Follow BI UK on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1VWDkiy Follow BI UK on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2gsLEds Read more on BI UK: uk.businessinsider.com —————————————-­­­­———- [More]
Tiny house costs less than £1000 and takes a day to build This tiny flatpack house created by Czech architect Vojtech Valda costs less than £1000 and takes just a day to assemble. It consists of 21 insulated panels and is split into three spaces for sleeping, living Czech architect designs tiny flat-pack house with a bedroom, living room and kitchen which costs just £1,000 (and even includes a darts board) Vojtech Valda’s house was built in under 24 hours in village of Trebesice £1,000 home features tiny areas for sleeping, living, cooking and storage Architect even fitted the miniature [More]
Owning a house is a dream commonly held by many people. For some, it’s a sign that you’ve reached adulthood, while for others it may mean family and a sense of belonging. http://www.flatpack-homes.com.au
This is the amazing Hobbit-style house an eco-friendly farmer built from scratch for just £150. Resourceful Michael Buck created the “cob” home at the bottom…
Could YOU build a flatpack house? Home in a box costs just £6500. But is it really as easy to build as an IKEA bookcase? We gave one brave dad a week to try…

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