My tonkinese cat “Ikea” in a flat pack
Happy 2016! This video is all about my new years resolutions & shows me putting together my first flat pack Ikea chest of draws. Also known as the ‘Malm’. Yes, it was harder than I thought! Yes it took me longer and no I didn’t have all the parts… but I made it! My main resolution is that I will be making one YT video every week (I’m determined to do it). I’m also so going to be doing a shout out in every video. This one Goes to – SALINA MARIE – a YouTuber with the same goal as [More]
Swedish furniture giant IKEA has received its first order for flat-pack refugee shelters with the first ones likely to be sent to northern Iraq this summer. (via Reuters)
A tragedy of modern times is the millions of refugees displaced by poverty, oppression, war and natural disaster. Most end up living in canvas tents of a basic design that are hot in summer, cold in winter, and only last about six months in constant use despite some refugees living in such tents for up to 12 years. On World Refugee Day in June, the Ikea Foundation unveiled a new flat-pack refugee shelter with a modular design and solar panel designed to help improve living conditions for refugees. The Ikea shelter is a modular flat-pack design The shelter incorporates a [More]
Building some flat pack Ikea Furniture
We have a new Civilization 5: Brave New World enemy, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. With his IKEA furniture and lying ways he has proven himself untrustworthy, and shall face the might of Tea and Biscuits! ● Donate http://bit.ly/15odgCV ● PREMIUM http://bit.ly/11MgM5V ● Web http://bit.ly/17xnUDX ● Twitch Channel http://bit.ly/104B8Dm ● Twitter http://bit.ly/XVzkm4 ● Facebook http://on.fb.me/15sigXo ● Steam http://bit.ly/15odBFE
อยากรู้ไหมว่า ทำไมเฟอร์นิเจอร์อิเกียถึงบรรจุในกล่องแบน? ก็เพราะบรรจุภัณฑ์แบบกล่องแบน เก็บและขนส่งได้มากกว่า เราจึงประหยัดค่าคลังสินค้าและค่าขนส่งได้มากขึ้น มาดูแนวคิดและเรื่องราวของอิเกียกัน http://www.ikea.com/ms/th_TH/this-is-ikea/index.html Why are we obsessed with keeping things flat? IKEA furniture is flat-packed. This mean it’s cheaper for us to store and transport. So, we can pass the saving on to you. View the IKEA concept and business ideas http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_TH/this-is-ikea/index.html อิเกีย บางนา กม.8 website: www.IKEA.co.th
Ikea is looking to be known for much more than their easy-to-assemble home furnishings.
Ikea has a great display that shows how to kit out a 400 square foot home. This Shows how someone, or a couple, could live very well in a small space. This video shows a 40 square foot bathroom. It is a great 2nd bathroom idea.

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