Architect Dipl.-Ing. Gernot Vallentin (certified passive house planner) speaks at the Solarbase seminar, August 9-11, 2011, in Valkla, Estonia. www.solarbase.ee; www.vallentin-architektur.de
Thomas Mitchell Homes TV Advert for New Homes Developments Across Scotland.
Eco Prefabricated houses, manufactured and delivered to your site, anywhere in Europe. NestandInvest have many factories that offer the best prices and eco specifications for your dream home. Visit our website to see our wonderful designs.
Visit: www.timberhold.com | Living in a log cabin or house made from wood is far more comfortable than living in a traditional house. Now, you can affordably enjoy the benefits that this type of accommodation affords.
Beijing DCTH Prefabricated house Co., Ltd is a professional supplier in the manufacturer of prefabricated building. was established in 1998, covering 100 acres, plant area of over 35000 Square meters, is a set design, manufacture, installation as one of the major Cai Gang, the steel structure enterprises, but also the first in the domestic steel structure supporting metal construction and maintenance of production enterprises. . Up to now, we has completed hundreds of prefab house projects in 50 countries around the world.
Energopan is the unique ISO certified Romanian company which produce, delivery and assembly prefabricated houses kits; “wall to wall building system”, the innovative concept, assure a rapid assembly at the place of construction, in less than a week.
Video showing a prefabricated house being constructed in 3 days
Ecobamboo was established in 2004 and shaped by experienced profesionals. It is committed to forest- and agro-industrial development, focussing on Bamboo as a “Non Wood-Forest Product ” an its transformation into standarized and marketable elements for furniture and construction industry. The company┬┤s aim is the market and to facilitate Your access to homogenous material of high quality, with reasonable wholesale prices. The yield of the abundant guadua clumps in the surrounding area of the processing plant in Candelaria is based on sustainable harvesting concepts, recommended and surveyed by the local environment authorities called “CVC”, – a regional section of the [More]
Minna Rhee explains the advantages and disadvantages of a prefabricated house – and why they can be so tempting to buy.

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