Les dejamos una presentación mostrando las principales características de las viviendas, así como fotos ilustrativas del proceso constructivo.
A documentary on the Archival Eco-House for the subject BC 121. Located in Talamban, Cebu, the Eco-House is owned and maintained by Engr. Nestor Archival. The Archival Eco-House is a premiere residence/compound showcasing the benefits of sustainable and ecologically-conscious living. Produced, shot and edited by Nina Alcoseba (me) and Regil Cadavos. Crappy shots since the editor I used compressed the clips and made them shorter. Crappy editing since Sony Vegas is still a headache for our amateur selves. But it ain’t that bad, so we’re kinda proud. It’s the message of the story we wanted to highlight anyway. This was [More]
Standardized design, Easy dismantle, Easy transportation, Easy installation, 100% water proof technique, prefabricated house, container house, container house module
The home that takes SIX hours to construct: Flat pack family house costing £25,000 can be crumpled and moved to another area and is even tremor proof This is the creative level pack collapsing home which costs just £24,800, takes just six hours to fabricate and can be crumpled and moved to another area. Photographs indicate segments of the M.A.Di Home being delivered in a manufacturing plant in Italy, transported by truck and being unfurled and effortlessly amassed nearby. Time-slip by photographs demonstrate the cutting edge quake evidence home being changed into the last item, total with windows and entryways. [More]
Very proud to be the manufacturer for kit house in Papua New Guinea. https://facebook.com/stratoshomes/
Caron Architecture and Dwell Development worked together to built this energy efficient and sustainable home in Seattle, Washington that is a Emerald Star certified green home. Emerald Star certified homes are required to achieve net zero energy using a renewable source such as solar or wind. Other requirements include 70% reduction in water use, 90% reclaimed or FSC certified wood materials, and exceptional indoor air quality. eco house built into hillside ,eco-house built into a seaside cliff ,eco friendly house built into hillside ,eco house owner built ,build eco house uk ,eco house built ,eco house building book ,eco house [More]
Eco House Construction | Use us for your next project and have your dream home or remodel designed and built by award winning architects and contractors for a fraction of the normal fee. For a limited time you can have a professionally designed and built home for only the cost of construction. We will apply your design fee (normally 8% of construction costs) to our construction fee when you have us design and build your custom new home, remodel or kitchen in Little Rock. Please contact us for details. * 116 Dennison Street, Little Rock, AR 72205 * Website: http://www.ecohouseconstruction.com/ [More]
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Today I show how to make plastic pipe house garden. DIY pepsi/kola pipe house. In this video very easy and simple. I use for this house 200 over pepsi pipe and glue. If you have any questions or suggestion post them below and Don’t forget to subscribes – Mr. Sanjit Saha YouTube Channel. More videos…. How to make ice cream stick mini house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_HwWkjE7kM How to make popsicle stick modern hamster house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewuizIqz018 How to make ice cream stick for kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_hdQa6Ue_8 How to make ice cream stick house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxZ0KFeu5-4 How to make popsicle stick dog house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD7TgERedgg How to [More]
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