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http://www.palmharbor.com Manufactured Homes | Mobile Homes | Modular Homes Need a vacation home, guest retreat or fishing cabin? Welcome to Palm Harbor Home…
Video preview of our standard project for the HSTouch Android client.
The most eminent British researchers in the field of science and technology are Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Robert Hooke, Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestley, JJ Thomson, Charles Babbage, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Wren, Alan Turing, Francis Crick, Joseph Lister, Tim Berners-Lee, Paul Dirac, Andrew Wiles and Richard Dawkins.
Boyan is a modern nomad; he was born in Bulgaria, is a resident of the Netherlands has lived in the UK, Ireland, India, Israel, Palestine and Brazil (he has many jobs, including solar panel installer, professional street artist). So when he began working for a friend’s yurt company, helping set up Mongolian gers, he fell in love with the lifestyle and soon bought his own traditional mobile home. It’s been almost a year since he and his partner moved into their 21 square meter ger (the Mongolian term for “home”) and they love its simplicity and the freedom it affords [More]
toptorontoagent.ca | Ilan Joseph Toronto’s first luxury prefab home. After 274 days on the market, this prefabricated home has finally found a buyer who can (proudly?) say their home was built in just 2 days! Visit: www.ilanjoseph.com/?p=2291 to see the photos of the beautifully designed interior and the many premium finishes throughout. Toronto Real Estate
www.potton.co.uk – We follow the Cobbins, Kingspan Potton self-builders, who tell us all about their dream Potton timber frame home. The Cobbins’ build has been followed by TV cameras for the Home channel.
Javier Hernandez discusses the new 2012/13 Manchester United home kit by Nike.
An old barn is converted using a flat-pack oak frame to to create a stunning family home. This build was featured in My Flat Pack Home on the Home channel www.lovehome.co.uk
Welcome round my woodland home. I give you a guided tour of my woodland home showing you the many features of the home. Its a versatile living space and is multi functional. Follow me at www.silverfoxbushcraft.co.uk www.youtube.com/user/seanmulhall www.facebook.com/sean.mulhall www.twitter.com/SeanSilverFox
Ikea has a great display that shows how to kit out a 400 square foot home. This Shows how someone, or a couple, could live very well in a small space. This video shows a 40 square foot bathroom. It is a great 2nd bathroom idea.

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