DIY Making 3D Houses for Kids | 13 Types of Houses from all Over the World | Craft House for Children Make 3D models of 13 different type of houses from around the world. The only toy that explores different styles of houses from across the world. From tree-house to boat-house, and Indian Haveli to a Polar Igloo, your child can make these fun and easy miniature foam models. You can make these models by simply fixing and gluing different pieces together. One pre-made foam model is also provided with the box to help your child get an idea of [More]
لقد أنشأت هذا الفيديو باستخدام محرر فيديو YouTube‏ (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
An aerial view of one of the first certified Passiv houses to be constructed in the UK. The ultra-efficient home was build in Hanse Haus’s state-of-the-art German factory before being transported to Somerset where it was constructed to a turn key finish in just 16 weeks.
Check out my Dog house, I grabbed heaps of old shipping pallets & cleaned them up, glued up lengths to make panels, cut the bearers to use as structural supports. This is a big dog house over 1.1m x 900mm The tin sheet for the roof came as a protector sheet on a delivery to site (this is a throw away item) it was in good enough condition to reuse for the dog house. I also re-purposed a fascia sheet into a ridge cap. So besides the price of the glue, brackets, nuts & bolts it’s really a cheap build [More]
Back in the 1930’s this is one of the houses that you could order from their catalog. This one is located in the city of Palmetto Florida. http://www.searsarchives.com/homes/1933-1940.htm
Kit Homes are the new solution to green living that’s affordable and modern!
Welcome to the Nova Deko Modular home factory. Nova Deko manufactures shipping container homes and modular homes for the global market. These videos offers a quick look at the Santa Fe while still on the production line.

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