Make-out couch! Obtained……there’s a stair case? What?
Help I could not find the house they said at the end
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My first “Map” in Cryengine. I made a tropical house for a school project. I am very new to Cryengine so please excuse the newbie look of the map. Problems: -Forgot to change lighting from low to high -Didn’t record audio -Used the breakable light source rather than a normal light -Used a very basic glass texture that did not reflect properly or act transparent
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Two architects are giving away their house in pricey Arlington, Virginia, but there’s one condition — whoever takes it is responsible for moving it. Two architects are giving away their client’s house in pricey Arlington, Virginia, but there’s one condition — whoever takes it is responsible for moving it. Getting rid of houses is common in the area, as most purchase the property based on its location. Typically, however, they just bulldoze whatever’s currently standing on it. The new owner was willing to work with the architects who feel this house is special and should be preserved as a piece [More]
Heres what I thought about a couple brands of ethical deodorant. Hopefully “cruelty free”, also means, ” B.O. free” … LAUREN SINGER’S DEODORANT RECIPE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42Htnp8P9Eg ♡ A BABY ACTIVIST TODAY♡ FOR THESE LINKS IN BIO ♡TELL ALEXIS ABOUT THIS VIDEO!! https://twitter.com/alexismariewest https://www.instagram.com/alexismariewest/ ♡FOLLOW ME https://twitter.com/alexismariewest https://www.instagram.com/alexismariewest/ snapchat: alexismariewest ♡BUY MY CLOTHES ♡LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/theactressalexiswest Houston Based Actress, Alexis Marie West. The Houston Films in this Video in Order of Houston Film Present.: Film Room 221 ( 2015). Film Series The Time Runner ( 2015-2016). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmhYp… Film Lettuce Ketchup ( 2015). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5faY… SHOUT OUT TO STELLA RAE KRISTEN [More]
Check out my Dog house, I grabbed heaps of old shipping pallets & cleaned them up, glued up lengths to make panels, cut the bearers to use as structural supports. This is a big dog house over 1.1m x 900mm The tin sheet for the roof came as a protector sheet on a delivery to site (this is a throw away item) it was in good enough condition to reuse for the dog house. I also re-purposed a fascia sheet into a ridge cap. So besides the price of the glue, brackets, nuts & bolts it’s really a cheap build [More]
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