Check out the progress of this Kit Granny Flat Design that has been in construction in South-East Queensland by owner builders. This home is fast approaching Lock-up Stage and very close to moving into their new property. Visit www.prestigekithomes.com.au for more information. Our main focus is to help Australian families living the dream by owning their very own home. Prestige Kit Homes can accommodate for Treated Timber Frame Kit Homes or Steel Kit Homes. We supply homes all across Australia, with over 30 years experience in the building industry, it’s no wonder why are the people to see about a [More]
Small House Design (30m2) | A Small Prefabricated House In Los Angeles Design-build firm Cover, which uses computer algorithms to create customised backyard dwellings for homes, has completed its first project: a small studio in Los Angeles. The 320-square-foot (30-square-metre) prefabricated building is situated on a hillside in northern LA, and serves as an office and music studio for an Oscar-nominated sound editor. The white, rectangular structure consists of a steel framing and floor-to-ceiling glass. Inside, the building’s single room is fitted with wooden flooring, contemporary decor and built-in storage. An air-tight building envelope and a radiant heating-and-cooling system help [More]
DIY Dog House Design Ideas for Outdoor – awesome dog house diy ideas indoor outdoor design photos. outdoor dog houses ideas on pinterest. custom indoor dog houses dog house with porch plans indoor dog house furniture awesome dog house diy ideas indoor outdoor design photos #DogHouse ideas for winter Outdoor dog house with door diy Outdoor dog house soft Outdoor dog house indoor dog house
Architect Tom Bassett Dilley wants to invite you into this exclusive tour of a zero energy ready modular prefabricated home. Craned right into Oak Park IL, Tom details the challenges and opportunities of modular with drone footage that captured it all. Learn about how new technologies and ideas to achieve zero energy ready, healthy and modular home construction in existing communities with ease. Make sure what to watch all 3 Parts Part 1 – Modular details Part 2 – Mechanicals and Solar Part 3 – Overall design aspects and ventilation Lessons Learned • Understand the requirements of DOE Zero Energy [More]
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Keith Richardson, Managing Director of Imagine Kit Homes takes us on a tour of the the newly released Fernando Kit Home Design. Browse over 400 house plans & learn more at https://imaginekithomes.com.au/ – Manufactured in Australia and delivered throughout the world. * * Subscribe * * to our channel to learn how you can save up to 40% on the cost of your new home.
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When Karachi-residents Nabeel, Yaseen, and Saquib, are not fighting over video games, these three friends are winning awards for Pakistan through their startup, Modulus Tech. Watch this video to learn more about their innovative design for flat pack shelters and homes; the scope of their business (00:40); what keeps them motivated (01:01); working with friends (02:00); challenges faced as a hardware startup (03:10); the role of the incubator Nest I/O (04:10); lessons learnt (04:52); and their competition (05:40).

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