Amazing Flatpack M.A.Di A-frame Cabin Complete in 30-40 Days for New Year A M.A.Di home will take approximately 30-40 days to complete from date of order, with an all inclusive unit price around €800 (US$933) per square meter. Therefore, the basic M.A.Di homes are priced approximately between €21,600 (US$25,195) for the tiny module and €67,200 (US$73,385) for the biggest module. The home is then flat-packed and transported by truck or container, and can be delivered outside of Italy. Italian architect Renato Vidal has created a prefabricated foldable house that takes less than a day to install once on site. The [More]
ACTIVATE THE ENGLISH SUBTITLES IF YOU DON’T SPEAK ITALIAN!! 🙂 ↓↓↓CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓ If you’re looking for a creative idea to wrap small gifts you’re in the right place because in the new video of my 21 days of Christmas serie I’ll show you how to make a cute house shaped gift box to add a special touch to your presents 🙂 Enjoy! Check my blog here to find the supplies list and more pictures of the finished project: http://giugizu.blogspot.it/2016/12/diy-house-shaped-gift-box-scatola-forma.html PREVIOUS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/OsHCJvklzME Se cercate un’idea creativa per impacchettare regali di piccole dimensioni siete nel posto giusto perchè nel [More]
Quick Build: Flat-Pack House in 30 days By Audley English Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford May 2016
A 6-storey modular apartment building was installed in just 10 days using an innovative Australian modular system. Whilst site preparations and base building construction was taking in place in Perth, the apartments were being prefabricated in Melbourne using a unique new modular system. Manufacturers Hickory Building Systems, developers Goldmaster Enterprises and head contractor Goodland Building Company have set new standards in affordability, sustainability and speed of construction with the Adara apartments project. For more visit www.hickory.com.au/projects/stella-b17
A short film showing the typical erection process of a Davinci Haus kit-home with images of the finished house. A sealed weather proof envelope is completed within 1 week! www.davinci-house.com

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