Find The Best Kit Homes On The Market With This Helpful Guide. Shows You The Best Things To Remember When Choosing Your New Kit Home.
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Kit Homes Videos >> www.kithomescoach.com.au – Build Your Kit Home Fast. Visit kithomes.ikiasu.com to learn exactly how you build your new kit home without getting caught up in extras bills – Kit Homes Tips >> www.kithomescoach.com.au
Green Homes Australia Builder Mick Fabar introduces green building concepts such as solar passive design and interactions with thermal mass. For more visit h…
www.kithomes.com.au Kit Homes Queensland Australia For a wide range of kit homes delivered direct to your property, talk to the experienced team at Classic Queenslanders. Kit homes are perfect for anyone looking to build a beautiful home on a budget. All you need is an Owner Builder Permit, and we send all the materials your need to build your dream home with the assistance of your chosen tradespeople. Choose from our range of designs or customise one of our kit homes with help from our design team. Custom design your kit homes today! Call Classic Queenslanders on 1300 654 010. [More]
EcoTech Homes specialises in modular housing, an innovative alternative to the traditional method of building. It offers creative and practical housing solutions designed for the New Zealand and Australia housing markets. Ideal for Homes, baches, apartments, Lodges, shops, offices, clinics, classrooms, workshops, cafes, garages, granny flats
ASK HOMES have built amazing homes in very prestigious areas through to the smallest homes in the cheapest areas. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. “If you want a better home, just ask”. Just because you’ll save thousands with u ASK does not mean you’re getting a less quality product; In fact quite the contrary! The steel home construction method is a far superior structure to timber. And don’t worry; you can still have a “Brick home”. The brick part is only the veneer, when they talk about a “Steel Home” they are simply referring [More]
www.cheapaffordablehousing.com.au Cheap kit homes that can be used for granny flats, vacation homes, or minning houses, military homes, and more. http
JNC Pty Ltd provides engineering services to Modra Hayes for the design and fabrication of the modpodTM. Become a friend of modpodTM on Face Book at: www.facebook.com See more about the modpodTM at: www.modpod.co Channel 7 ran an article on the modpodTM in South Australia in early December 2009, In the first week of January 2010, they ran the same article again but this time nationally.

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