The Devon Eco-House project is for an architecturally striking and sustainable home set in the Dartmoor national park. Part buried in the ground, a series of timber hoops are set against each other to form a corridor spine with large scale spaces to one side and smaller to the other. The architecture would clearly show how the building sits within its excavated site. http://www.shape-architecture.co.uk/Home/ArchitectsLondon/DevonArchitect/DartmoorEcoHouse.aspx The internal elliptical corridor forms part of a route with an external micro power plant at one end and a bird hide at the other. Despite its striking form the building would use local natural materials [More]
Visit: http://www.batesmasi.com/ A complete renovation of a 1970s kit house, this project was approached with a novel take on sustainability, minimizing waste by limiting the construction to essential components resulting in an eco friendly and gorgeous example of modern architecture and design.
HAWKES architecture Crossway Passive House Zero Carbon Code 6 house project demolition begins
Developed living conditions.
Central America Architect designs Cool indoor / outdoor features, outdoor showers, ratan, bamboo and durable Congo Walls. Pre fab Homes, Sustainable, eco fri…
Like the word “immovable”, architecture does not have any movement. On the other hand, furniture refers to something that has movement. Then, what if architecture can be easily moved like furniture? What if furniture takes the role of architecture? Damdi Publishing Co. (specializing in architectural design publications) published their new title MOBILE ARCHITECTURE in spring 2011. This book comprises a total of 120 mobile projects, of 43 architects and offices, from 18 different countries around the world. The project spectrum is full of colors; listed projects include but are not limited to, prefabricated house, mobile exhibition booth, temporary house with [More]
Man lives 25 feet off the ground, in the ultimate eco friendly green home. Beren Harrington designed himself a treehouse so he can literally live IN nature, and gives new meaning to the term “going green.” This video shows a House and Home and Clubhouse all in one. OffBeat Spaces is only on SPACEStv! Subscribe for new episodes of OffBeat Spaces: www.youtube.com
The LV Home Series modern kit homes by Rocio Romero www.RocioRomero.com

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