Vídeo para fins de demostração. Kit Home Fest, ideal para micro festa residencial e festa infantil em pequenos espaços, áudio original. Consulte mais informações no site. www.djexpress.com.br Este kit não atende debutantes e casamentos mesmo pequenos Me perguntaram, por que este kit é tão barato? R: Simples, para atender os pais com poucos recursos a fazerem a sonhada festa do seu filho. sem gastar muito.
Three epic dancers performing their judge solo at the House Dance SDK finals in Brno, Czech Republic. Get the music here and more @ www.mystreetbeats.com
Mourn the loss of social housing by assembling your own flat-pack self-assembly paper model of an iconic council block destined for demolition or gentrification. Then join a procession to the lake, where the models will be placed in paper boats, floated on the water, and set on fire, in a nod to Norse sea burial. Mourners are invited to wear black. With thanks to Andy Field, Tania Harrison, Alessandra Cianetti & Alicia Jane Turner. This was a warm up. The Big One happens in London on August 22nd: http://fromeastothebarbican.london/performances/the-death-of-social-housing
Perelle, Guernsey, Hanse Haus day 4 of build 6th March 2015. 260sq metres 1.5 floor house by the sea.
Completed 2015 prefabricated prototype house for the Navajo Housing Authority.
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