Tiny house costs less than £1000 and takes a day to build This tiny flatpack house created by Czech architect Vojtech Valda costs less than £1000 and takes just a day to assemble. It consists of 21 insulated panels and is split into three spaces for sleeping, living Czech architect designs tiny flat-pack house with a bedroom, living room and kitchen which costs just £1,000 (and even includes a darts board) Vojtech Valda’s house was built in under 24 hours in village of Trebesice £1,000 home features tiny areas for sleeping, living, cooking and storage Architect even fitted the miniature [More]
“Duany Flatpack Prefab Unveiled, 1000 Shelters to be Donated to Haiti ” “Just after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, we wrote about the plans from renowned Miami architect Andres Duany for a temporary flat pack housing system. The initial design proposed a small cabin style home with a simple frame, netted sides and a supported awning. Over the past month Duany conducted research together with sociologists and anthropologists to refine the design for 1000 of these houses that will be donated to Haiti by composite panel manufacturer Innovida. During his research, Duany says that his team was able to identify [More]

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