Survival kit from ZIPTAC

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Survival kit from ZIPTAC

This entry level survival kit houses a fantastic selection of items designed to give you many different options for many different scenarios such as, maintaining your core body temperature, processing food, making fire, navigation, self-defence, communication, escape or enter structures, lighting and for a true survivalist / prepper much much more.
The items in this kit if I were to rate them out of 5 would average out to a 3, mid range. The build quality is very reasonable for the most part and they perform very well. The only item I’m not too sure about is the compass. It has a bubble in it and rattles quite a bit in the bezel, in my opinion if this item were to be changed out to something like a signal mirror it would complete the kit just nicely.
Two items I am thoroughly impressed with is the button torch and the whistle. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, the torch is super bright for its size and the back unscrews to allow you to change batteries so it’s not a throw away item. I have attached this to my EDC neck wallet as it weighs nothing it’s a fantastic quick lighting option. And the whistle is super loud, its light weight so it too has made it onto the neck wallet. It didn’t look much chop out of the box but once I forced some air down the thing, holy moly I was impressed.
This kit in my eyes is great value for money and I recommend going to the website abd checking it out, so here is the link. And while you’re in there have a scout around for some more fantastic items.


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looking good thumbs up

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