Skyrim Creation Kit House Mod Dev Diary #2 – Some Outside Changes and Room Creation

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OK, just changed a few things and wanted to share…outer shrinking and started to make the crafting room


Remianen says:

Rip, great video! The reason for the low view count probably has more to do with the subject than you personally. This is very dry subject matter and not as 'smexy' as a follower spotlight or a Let's Play so it's bound to get less feedback. Even Darkfox127's tutorial video is kinda hard to get through. It's kinda like a kinesiology lecture. Sure it's useful to know how to prevent tearing muscles but OMGWTFBBQ the details are boring. 🙁 I'm interested to see how script heavy your house will be though. From what I'm told, scripts can make a lot of things easier/possible but also can complicate matters when it comes to compatibility if you're building in a popular area (like you are). Like, I had to learn the hard way that Follower Camp (which I LOVE) is completely incompatible with Anna NPCs since Anduniel's inn (which you build on the path to marrying her) is right there. The spot you're on might be close to the Asteria player home, I think?

Hixon says:

Ok, we have a problem here. My girls need clean dresses and a laundry room with a shower. I hate having dirty girls running around without any shoes or clean clothes. You will fix this, right?

I love messing with RipX.

Hixon says:

Always add storage shelves nearby. If I want to forge some armor or a sword, I need my crafting stuff close enough to get some ingots, leather and other requirements and get the job done. Don't forget the tanning rack. Will it have beds for followers? How about adopted children and beds? Mannequins, down in the basement. Can I store staffs and have wall space to display looted weapons? How about display cases, hmmmm? Will there be servants? How about a cooking place for followers to have something to do. A pool for the ladies to get nakies and have some splashing good times? Don't forget the patio, so the followers and children can go out and enjoy the sunshine with nice benches and chairs to sit on and tables for the adults to have a drink of mead. Will there be extra rooms underground to have even more followers and beds to stay as my guests?

What about the fireplace? I can't stay warm without that in the cold cold winter time. If it rains, will the rain come in? What if a dragon appears or a lion, or even an angry skeever?!

Nothing I hate more than some crow pecking at the window in the middle of the night looking for a place to stay.

The World of RipX says:

Ive since condensed the armor crafting room and put the skyforge in another room, and i think it looks a lot better…but thatll be in the next vid.

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