Sims FreePlay – DIY Homes Peaceful Patio Final Part [Quest Video]

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A video showing the final part of the 7-day quest called “DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio”. You have to be at level 15 and you can start at any time by tapping on the bubble above a woman wearing a construction outfit in the park to initiate the quest. If you finish the quest within 7 days, you can unlock a Make Out Couch to be put in your houses for your teens and adults, and first one is free. Otherwise, finishing the quest allows you to build patios at any home.

Here’s the link:

Whenever you are doing a quest, try to earn some simoleons, LP and SP, especially during a long action. At the end of this quest, I earned 77,000 simoleons, 9 LP and 13 SP. Of course, I could have built a 2×1 patio and kept 34,000 more simoleons, but it wouldn’t look like a patio at all. I didn’t earn LP at all in the last half of the quest because I didn’t see the need to.

Of course, if you take your sweet time in completing the quest, as long as you don’t exceed 7 days, you may ended up earing even more simoleons, LP and SP than I – maybe 6 times more! To earn simoleons, simply assign your adult Sims jobs (I recommend actors) and send them to work and when they are not at work, make them plant some onions (7 Hours) or beans (9 Hours). To earn LP, have your Sims do hobbies like cooking and ghost hunting. There’s a new way of earning SP other than visiting neighbours and doing tasks there. If you have a lot of LP like I do, you can spend 5 LP to win 5 to 400 SP, by playing with a Social Point Plant from a garden patch! However, if you’re extremely busy during the week, you can watch the video offers that may give you free 1-3 LP and 1 SP each time.

In terms of pre-made houses, I chose the Beachside Escape as the main one because you no longer need to use LP to buy it. It now costs simoleons – slightly more expensive than the unfurnished house. There are 3 new lots on the island as well as a new pre-made house – the Hallway House. The Hallway House can be build on either regular or premium lots. You can also “preview” a house by tapping on an empty lot and viewing it with the little green magnifying glass on the build menu.

There are three main things that come with the Dream Homes update:
1. Different building heights in the same lot – Unconnected buildings on the same lot can now have different heights.
2. Hallways, smaller rooms and improved building tools – The minimum room size is now 2×1 squares. In other words, you can build narrow hallways between your big rooms.
3. Improved door and window placement – Doors and windows can now be placed right next to one another. You can create an entire wall of big windows or connect rooms with larger openings to give shape to your homes’ interiors.

I do not own anything in this video, except for the characters. Any similarities or representations of those characters are merely coincidental. The Sims FreePlay is owned by Electronic Arts.

Song: Alone by Clancy Kelly and Grow Up and Be Kids by The Cab
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android)
Houses used: Customized House, Beachside Escape, Teen Idol Mansion, DIY Model House and Park


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