Sims FreePlay – Balcony Madness! (Tutorial & Walkthrough)

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The Sims FreePlay DIY Homes Update unlocked tons of new changes for house designing and building in the game. In this video, we walk through some of the first changes we discovered after the Balcony Quest, and show all the new and different ways this update changed how we can design Sims FreePlay houses and other buildings. We push the limits to show you lots of interesting balcony designs which you’ll hopefully find inspiring for your own Sims FreePlay towns.

Special shout out to SIM SCOTT GUILLIAMS, an awesome simmer who does a ton of amazing activities:

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Kimberley Gamble says:

+Make2: Hi I just posted to ask you both seeing that you'll are pretty good at doing balcony & also forming words of abbreviations on balconies or with patios(like forming S&P or even Spell out the Words Like Cafe, Bakery,Spa Etc)Things Like That Etc. So my Query is Can You'll Do a VideoVideo Showing Us Other Online Viewers How To Form/Design Words Using Balconies and Or Patios; Please If You'll Don't Mind Me Asking. Thanks In Advance For Your Help & I Look Forward To Your Reply A.S.A.P. TAFS.


hi, i have a question myself. how could i place indoor furniture, i.e. a bookcase,on a balcony? how do i glitch it? thanks!!

Alyssa Stuart says:

Hi! I have a question. How do you add the balconies above rooms? I was trying to add a balcony over my long dining area but the yellow lines wouldn't appear. I really like some of the ideas I saw in the houses you featured where they put balconies above different rooms. Also, how do you do the part where the top most part of the house is just balcony? Thanks. I've been having trouble since last week

cherick empenio says:

I wish there's a way to create a balcony with a roof on different floor.

Joe Schweninger says:

This video makes my head hurt in the best way possible.. You guys are seriously amazing!

Cre8iveGirl34 says:

I finished the patios and multi story quest, but dont know how to put basements. I also have the make out couch. Help!

Byron Nill says:

Hi! How did you get two different pavings on one patio?

Amanda Urban says:

Hey, i've downloaded the App two days ago and can I have the balcony? When not I am pretty disappointed and angry bc the balcony quest is soo cool! Can you tell me what I can do? Sorry for Bad english

Total Randomness says:

It is May 13th and I still haven't got the balcony quest. 🙁 

katie madison Roberts says:

Hey can you visit my town too 

Philo RD says:

This looks like a mini maze xD Combine it with the maze house and it will look like a big maze 😀 Btw, I finished the quest and I'm waiting for basements :P

The Rainbow Cauldron says:

This is so exciting.  Seriously the best update for the game so far.  Thanks for your videos, guys. ;-)

Martina Micallef says:

I finished the patio quest and the balcony quest didn't start for me yet what can I do I really want to build balconies 

LAX Life says:

Is the basement update here yet

Jirashaya Hip says:

Where do you find bree?

Hugo Maarten Norg says:

really love the new updates with the new possibilities to build amazing structure's but it is really annoying that you need to do quests for them. If they did an small quest then it would have been better because I am trying to get the balconies for about 4 days now and my quest percent is only at 40%. But then again love the update! Also the house is very special! I hope  We Will be seeing some new extreme houses in the future with the roofs llike that! :)

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