sheppey eco house X three day volunteer experience X sylvan kalviac

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i went to sheppey for three days to help my dad build an earthship !!!!!! a quick explanation of what an earthship is …. an earthship is a building which firstly uses recycled materials such as tyre, bottles, cans etc. and another thing they do is catch rain water and turn it into drinking water and the water that comes out of the tap! and for electricity it usually has solar pannels on the roof to generate electricity which can then be used throughout the building. anyway my dad builds these things and they are amazing buildings. i have been involved in helping out a little bit before but this time i decided to bring my camera and make a short movie about it and …… THIS IS IT soo.
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i finally decided to upgrade to final cut pro x soo hopefully a change is noticeable in genaral video quality editing etc.
please et me know if you liked it leave a comment about your favourite part and where you think i could improve
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Kai Burton says:

awesome vid mate mad editing skils

Nile Ferreira says:

Good work g

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