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Here at Star House, we specialize in the manufacturing of Modular Homes built on COR 10 steel frames of all sizes, finished completely in our facilities according to the required building codes and standards and then shipped directly to their final destination. Our modular units are built specifically to have the same dimensions as typical shipping containers for easy handling and cost effective shipping around the world, directly to the final site.

For over 10 years the Star House brand has been at the forefront of delivering specialized modular building projects throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia. All the modules that we produce for the Canadian market are CSA certified according to the requirements of their final destination.

Star House has 2 major facilities located in Shanghai China. The first is in Huinan Town, Shanghai. This facility consists of factory area of 33,350 square meters. This facility is mainly for the manufacturing of our flat pack modular products and can produce 70 completed units per day. Star House employs about 200 workers, including management and support staff, at this facility. This facility also produces some of the components used in our steel frame modular buildings.

Our main facility, located in Shuyuan Town, Shanghai; is where our modular buildings are manufactured. This facility is over 40,000 square meters including both factory and warehousing space. This facility has the capacity to manufacture up to 30 standard steel frames per day and completely finish up to 6 modules per day for shipment to their final destination. This facility employs over 400 people including management, support staff and various engineers and designers.

In total, between our 2 facilities, we employ over 600 people including 25 engineers, designers and architects… all ready to help design and build you project according to your specifications, on time and on budget.

I look forward to the opportunity to show you around our manufacturing facilities here in Shanghai should we have the opportunity to work on your development.


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