Sears Kit Home Tour – The Vallonia Model

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The Vallonia – Exterior paint in Colonial Yellow

At the prices quoted we will furnish all the material to build this five-room ($1963.00) or eight-room ($2291.00) bungalow.

Roofing: Best grade clear red cedar shingles.
Siding: 1/2 by 4 inch clear Cypress or Red Cedar, bevel.
Flooring: Clear Oak – Living Room and Dining Room, Clear Maple – Kitchen and bathroom, Clear Yellow Pine – balance of rooms.
Narcissus Design Hardware.

Prices do not include cement, brick and plaster.


argantoa says:

Why can't they style homes like this anymore? Real nice.

Ray Unseitig says:

Great little cottages. I want one. :-)

Rose Ringer says:

There's another video at this site where they're tearing down a Sears Vallonia. It's under "Sears Home demolition."

Rose Thornton
author, The Houses That Sears Built

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