Sears Kit Home – The Phoenix

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This is my 1915 Sears kit home called The Phoenix


Dreadnaught says:

Interesting and useful record. Thanks for sharing. Admire the craftsmanship and solid tastefulness.

Disillusioned says:

Incredible, Very nice job

Mario Dinovo says:

i make concrete blocks on a sears block machine

davjan4 says:

Love those old houses. Currently designing my own and trying to incorporate some "old" features like an old fashioned breakfast nook like Sears used to do and a fireplace nook..

Like to see the basement though!

my1serafina says:

Absolutely beautiful.  Love the stained glass.  Are the stained glass windows all original?

A LaRonde says:

Thank you for posting this beautiful home. I love your home very much as I'm a huge fan of kit homes. Well done! On your restoration

jerickzane says:

awesome home.  Looks so comfortable.   J~

Artondra Hall says:

Beautiful. I love the furniture. I think of a simpler time when I see homes that look like this.  Good work excellent video. 

Jill Martin says:

this is so cool!!!!! i love it.

Old Home Love says:

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

Hippie A. says:

I love your house! I just discovered these types of homes and I'm totally enamored. Thank you for sharing. :)

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