Prefabricated Straw Bale Wall Systems: An Introduction

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This video is an introduction to prefabricated straw bale wall systems, presented by Chris Magwood, instructor and project coordinator for the Sustainable Bu…


keithhrutter says:

It looks a very suitable building method for here in rainy Britain.

endeavourcentre says:

The formula is actually 75% lime and 25% portland cement, with these two ingredients being mixed 1:3 with sand. We also use fiber in the mix.

endeavourcentre says:

We haven’t had any cracking issues due to transportation of the panels. The first building we did this way had some minor cracking, but no more than is typical with site-built straw bale walls using a lime/cement plaster.

Irving Peenwiddle says:

Is there an issue with cracking of the finish either from transportation or settling once the panels are upright?

Gaetano Revrenna says:

I really like this video. Can you write me the formula of the plaster that you used for this prefabbricated panel? I understand (i’m italian,so i don’t understand english very well…) lime cement plaster : 50% lime 50% portland cement sand and water.
It is correct?

thank every one that write me the formula!

chrismagwood says:

We went with the siding due to appearance regulations in this part of the city. Our choices were brick cladding or horizontal siding. We have been thinking a lot about the use of stamped forms to create different effects, but are not ready to produce a new home without more experimenting.

kirkm5 says:

I really liked the construction process. Little disappointed that the subject house used siding – it makes it look like a typical boring cookie cutter house. I suggest looking at hebel-house in japan. It’s not straw bale, it’s AAC, but notice that one side of the panels are molded (in say, a brick pattern). this would save a ton of material and labour.

Benny DaBrute says:

Hey Chris, Ben Dodd here. I love the new video and cant wait to do some of my own panels here in Australia. Keep up the great work 🙂

quiethand says:

Nice work Chris!!

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