Prefabricated K House Install

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This house is widely use in construction area , tempporary house .It’s safe enough .If you don’t understand ,please contact me , i will give more technical information .


Daisy Beagle says:

Crikey bolt and nut #57 is left in my pocket!

Chimp Chowder says:

Why do I feel like I'm seeing a 1940's shed build?

Tariq Masood says:

fast workers but no safety parameters.

Reynold Williams says:

I will huff and puff and blow this house Down……

Afandi Nano says:

I admire only the wall and window installation.

윤파스텔 says:

야 야 태풍이 날아 가겄다.

Firstname Lastname says:


Mohd Nadeem says:

Is me jo sheet lagi he kis metal ki he 9837334494

Kings Vr4 says:

do u ship to malaysia

Kings Vr4 says:

do u ship to malaysia

TS says:

Who else wants to find the guy who chose the music for this video and smack him in the face?

wes c says:

There is no way I'm bolting a frame together that way.

Modcon Group says:

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) First turnkey super specialty hospital project in India by Modular concepts

Stephen Mitchell says:

the guys that should have on the hard hats dont,

Thomas Murray says:

Available in U. S. A. ?

Abdur Raquib says:

Were these white plastic products for making border?

Montosh Roy says:

How many price

Аджахмед Саидов says:

Молодцы !

Ganesh Gc says:

How can I contact to buy all materials required to build

Shari Montoliu says:

insullation, kitchen bath

Suresh Dubey says:

House ki lagat kitni hogi 19'*45

Роман Ромов says:

Вот шляпы рукожопые

Wendell Lovatti says:

Uma das melhores construções que estão havendo nos tempos de hoje são essas steel frame and way frame house. Eu construí um módulo na AMT é uma coisa muito show esse tipo de construção se precisar ir embora é só tirar desmontar e pronto. I build one place like this is the mostly best construction in this time you can take and carry away to anywhere you want is easy and fresh inside you can put pipe, water can eletrocity

Eduardo Chacon says:

excelente la nueva tecnología parta el mundo modular y renovables

Lucho Luengo says:

Que trabajo más mal echo, las terminaciones una mugre

Md Abdur Rahaman says:

dear,,,,, this system agent have Bangladesh…. Pls,,,, ans me..

saroj CHARAN says:

Is mkan ki kimat kitni lgti he

Chef Mamun says:

Please can you give me your contact number in my Gmail
I want to make a house like this

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