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One cool prefabricated shipping container home –


plhernandez22 says:

if i were a single man, Id def. do this.

annointedEliakim says:

thats where elvis is a shipping container very clever

100canal says:

I like this

MrskeyholeXII says:

Perfect for Japanese people 🙂 I love it!

dreamyprettyangel says:

I really like it! I love small homes, and this one is my favorite so far >.<

photobart1 says:

I like these but it would be cool if you could but a bathroom in and hook it to a sewer system. I think it makes a great get away space.

DJboutit2 says:

This would be cool get 4 5 6 of these put together you would have a nice size 2 bedroom 1 bath house

Chris Slack says:

Nice job on the video! Would like to see these used as hotel rooms or cabins. just the right size!

tnakata2011 says:

ROFL that shipping container looks like it came from ikea XD

prchecker says:

This is a great video

SuperDogbrown says:

brilliant video

thejameskan says:

Very enjoyable thank you

TheSpikeystuff says:

great video thanks

DebisisRobustus says:

Seriously asking, I’m thinking of relocating back to FL from NYC. Can anyone advise me how I can get one of these on a budget. I know I can’t get a house currently right now, wondering if there really is a cheaper way to buy a home like this…or if I can get some kind of alternative financing. I am so tired of living out of someone else’s shoe box…thanks

j kd'n says:

Khool, Daddy-O. I don’t know if I saw much isulation there, I guess you could address that
aftermarket. Rough-in a bath for about $4000, you’re all set. Does the piped in music come with
it? I could be a reaally cool guy with a crib like this. Swwaaeeyhtt(!)

smackthagod says:


packleader1215 says:

THIS IS HOW we can house more people. THINK! :)

wwwTotalCollapseCom says:

love it….

caman5 says:

0:15 Working man’s RV. I’d buy one.

PhantomOfPanton says:


thebartman says:

– Please feel to visit the website for clarification. Each habitat is deliberately open planned so that owners can retrofit services if and as required. This habitat demonstrated internal sizes for beds and furnishings for use as a studio – no bathroom required.

geowillpkr says:

where do you go to the bathroom?

q11283 says:

very good

flyinmudman says:

better make it triple…

Barrett Root says:

great music

Firesquirl says:

Sweet!! Very cool idea for a guest room in the back yard!!

rawrloveya3626 says:

i might buy one

snowman358 says:

this is my future home 😀 but they will have to make it bigger for a bathrrom and kitchen then im set 😀

snowman358 says:

this could be a club house

katsongs says:

veikas, I said the same thing right after Haiti….

leaf16nut says:

Can you put one in a tree…

I’ve been looking for a new tree fort…

mushymcsquishy says:

i want one!!! @.@

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