For more eco ideas follow us on: www.facebook.com Tomislav Radovanovic Mr. Radovanic came up with idea of a plastic bottle house when he was teaching his students about building materials. This project started in 2001 and, with the support of his family, he managed to collect 14000 plastic bottles. Mr. Radovanic continues to create masterpieces from plastic bottles.
On an off-grid property in Philo, California (Mendocino County), Loren Amelang built a home that would help him generate “free hot water, free power and a decent chunk of free heat”. The entire south side of his home is covered in solar capture devices: 1600 watts of photovoltaic power, solar hot water panels, a sunroom/greenhouse and a solar hot air collector. “The sunroom/greenhouse provides most of the free heat”. Putting his technical skills to use (he’s a pioneer in C++ programming), Amelang wrote over 10000 lines of code so that his home’s water and electric systems could be operated more [More]
Dennis, Barry, Neville, Moxey & Bomber are re-united to mark the passing of Oz. To their amazement, a surprise guest makes an appearance, Oz has turned up at his own wake! There’s still one member of the ‘magnificent seven’ missing – Wayne. But Wyman his son, has travelled up from London with news of his Dad. Wayne’s passed on from a rare heart condition, well it was a wake after all! Dennis is driving a taxi; Barry’s driving a Bentley; Neville’s selling prefabricated houses on the Internet; Moxey’s working for a Merseyside gangster; while Bomber’s been doing ‘this & that’.
GREEN BUILDING you can AFFORD – Prefab Post & Beam Home Kit www.Enviro-TechPostandBeam.com Below is a link to the “Ultimate” way to build. http
The stooges are suitors who go on a sit down strike when their prospective father-in-law refuses to consent the marriages. The strike wins them fame and they receive numerous gifts including a lot and a prefabricated house. They win the strike and get married, but the wives decree no honeymoon until the house is built. The boys have some problems with the construction, especially since Curly burned up the plans. The eventually finish the house, a monstrosity that collapses when one post is accidentally moved.
Why spend several thousand dollars for hi-end kino-flo’s when you can build your own fluorescent studio lights for less than two hundred dollars? View Part II – www.youtube.com ———————————————– Parts List: Lithonia Lighting 2-Light White Fluorescent Shop Light www.homedepot.com Lithonia Lighting 4 ft. Fluorescent Tube Protector www.homedepot.com 40Watt x 48″ Fluorescent tubes — Purchase at any Walmart or Home Depot Store. Prime-Line 72 in. 2 Door Hardware Pack Bypass Closet Track Kit www.homedepot.com Impact Light Stand, Black – 6′ (1.8m) www.bhphotovideo.com Leviton 15-Amp Black Straight Blade Grounding Plug www.homedepot.com – – – – – – – – – – – [More]
Time-lapse of German prefabricated building system erected in Ireland; weathertight in two days.
Prefabricated house transportation. Visit our web site http://prefabhome.eu.

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