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An Italian architect has designed an Eco-friendly flat-pack home. Italian architect Renato Vidal has designed a new affordable living concept flat-pack homes which start from just £25,000 ($33,000). Called M.A.DI homes, the concept could work just as easily as a bachelor pad as it could a permanent family home. Vidal’s modular houses are earthquake resistant and come complete with kitchen and bathroom facilities, a staircase and mezzanine living area, central heating, and air conditioning and they apparently only take six or seven hours to assemble with three workers. The tiny homes come in varying sizes, with prices beginning at €28,000 [More]
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Assemble and decorate Trader Joe’s Gingerbread kit house for Valentines Day.
Small House Kits. . . . . . . . . House In A Box | Homes Delivered and Constructed On-Site www.houseinabox.com/ House In A Boxtm pricing does not include any state or local tax that may apply. … data contained in these pages, House In A Box.com Creative Living Designs, … ‎Floor Plans – ‎How To Buy – ‎What’s Included – ‎3D Models Summerwood Cabins www.summerwood.com › Products › Cabins Prefabricated Cabin Kits, Cottages & Guest Houses. You finally have land for your rustic escape. Or you’re thinking of a quaint prefab guest house or a small … Tiny [More]
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Aussie panel fold pack is the ideal solution for site camps, mine camps, accommodation and offices. Its a flat pack unit that erects in 6 minutes.
Five of the best flatpack houses, more innovation There is no doubt that the neatly packaged nature of certain products from Swedish furniture manufacturers is a great reason for their success, and lately we are seeing how flatpack kits can be attractive to those seeking alternative housing solutions. Here are five of them: Homes resistant to the Cubicco hurricanes: Cubicco de Flordia offers a range of expandable flat houses, ranging from small micro-lodges to full houses with a couple of bedrooms, offices and kitchen. Constructed with wood from sustainable sources, vertical gardens, green roofs and solar roofs are available as [More]
UK Passivhaus specialist Mike Jacob has joined with award-winning architect Adrian James to create a flatpack home that takes less than a week to install. Dubbed “Kiss House” the prefabricated housing model is similar in concept to the Mini House from a few years back, but on a much bigger and more livable scale. Offering two, three and four bedroom versions, the Kiss House is built using cross-laminated timber (CLT), which is a sustainable alternative to traditional building methods such as concrete and steel construction. The exterior can be finished in four different cladding options including timber (larch, cedar, chestnut [More]
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