8 ft by 8ft by 6 foot tall tiny shelter or Cabin that packs up flat and could be hauled one piece at a time into the back woods. For hunting, camping, fishing, or for storage, or homeless conditions. Cheaply built and uses nuts and bolts to assemble. Could be mounted to a small trailer as it is built like a travel trailer shell. Very strong when bolted together. Camo tarp protects and can store items like a cooler on top of roof but under the tarp to create a run off for rain. Unit built in 2014 for about [More]
(11 Apr 2010) One of the world”s largest manufacturers of furniture and home goods, IKEA, is known for supplying simple, modern home goods at affordable prices. Now, with the credit crunch still affecting first time buyers, its latest product may change the idea of affordable housing. In partnership with another Swedish company, Skanska, IKEA has turned its hand to selling energy-efficient prefab homes. Called Boklok, the house is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Britain and now Germany. But you won”t have to spend an afternoon working out the instruction manual or if any parts are misisng because these [More]
This video is about Sett Studio. An Austin based homebuilder that builds prefabricated homes and studio spaces. Their designs are modern and extremely beautiful. Enjoy.
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LEED Modular Homes in Quebec delivers b truck a prefab modular home to the client’s home site.
The crane picks and sets the fifth modular home section of this Cutting Edge Homes custom modular home. Home New
It is widely used for big project’s temporary labor camp, refugee house, economic house, etc. We got different kinds of solutions for houses. For more information, feel free to contact me. Email: sales@mbshouse.com WhatsApp: +8618620106756 Web: www.mbshouse.com
Eastwood Powder Coating Kits Review of Eastwood Powder Coating Kit Home Depot Based on Verified Amazon Purchasers and Users.
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BAARN Loft House kit has a simple barn-like form and an impressive open plan living space. BAARN is a new range of timber frame kit houses designed by Roderick James Architects. These prefab oak frame houses can be tailored to suit you. All BAARN kit house types are highly insulated and utilise good quality, natural materials. Due to the simple nature of BAARN Loft House, the room layout can be adjusted to suit individuals. www.baarn.co.uk

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