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So far, the financial crisis has barely affected manufacturers of luxury timber-framed homes. Orders to Huf Haus have not dropped off … on the contrary, more and more people nervous about their bank deposits are choosing to invest in their own home. And the climate debate benefits timber frame builders, because they can easily adapt to the new energy efficiency regulations. In the home-owning sector, their market share is currently 15 percent and rising. Luxury timber frame house builders Huf Haus, based in the Westerwald, are an example of how the industry and its customers are coping with the financial [More]
This house and six others are threatened with mass demolition. The property owner claims that “economic hardship” justifies the demolitions and desires to build a hotel and restaurant. The seven structures are within the National Register Model Land District, St. Augustine, Florida. Citizens for the Preservation of St. Augustine (CPSA) and local historian David Nolan produced this video to explain one of house’s historical significance. The seven houses are listed on the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation’s “Most Endangered” listing for 2008.
This is one of many designs out there today for a home made Hydrogen on Demand conversion kit for any vehicle. Regardless of age, make, model, fuel type ect, this little device works off the access power provided by the vehicle to produce hydroxy gas, also known as Brown’s gas for one of the original inventors of this technology. The hydrogen/oxygen gas ( no, not steam ) is added to the air/fuel manifold were the H-HO mixes with the most commonly found octane of gasoline which looks a little like this… HHHHHHHH | | | | | | | | [More]
www.permies.com Visting the all cob ecovillage “cobville” in coquille, oregon. Including the tour guide Ianto Evans, author of “The Hand Sculpted House” – home of the “cob cottage company”. I have never seen so much cob before. Cob homes. Cob ovens. Standalone cob walls. Rocket mass heaters made from cob. Cob benches for sitting and cob workbenches. Cob art. Cob floors. Cob beds. This part of the tour shows off about eight cob homes and the second part shows about four more. One eco building has a cob rumford fireplace that is clear to see. Another has a cob rumford [More]
Let’s take an old, shabby house and renovate it for a better tomorrow! It all begins with a squiggle… Every Friday we upload new DIY videos for kids. Subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of them! https://www.youtube.com/user/boxyourself?sub_confirmation=1 Don’t forget to like, share & comment on this video. Each Box Yourself video on our channel has a thumbnail which indicates the difficulty level of the video. One box for easy, two for medium and three for hard. Check out the BoxYourself YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/boxyourself Share your crafts with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Boxyourself Visit our webpage: http://www.boxyourself.com Music Credits: Epidemic [More]
Watching a modern prefabricated home come together is an incredibly visual storytelling opportunity, as the home literally goes from foundation to a livable home within a day. Today using a 250-ton crane, a contractor will assemble a new three-home multifamily residence in just a few hours. Let’s see several models designed by iconic contemporary architects. “Sun can be used not only for energy production or heating but also for cooling your home in the hot summer days”. Read more: http://www.howtobuildahouseblog.com/solar-cooling-for-your-home/#ixzz3b63o3mWU Music: Attribution Love Will Open Your Heart_ Dance Mix by J.Lang featuring Machines_In _Transit feat Alexandra Hamnede ccmixter.org/files/djlang59/28153 CC Attribution [More]
Am 17. Mai 2009 wurde in nur acht Stunden ein komplettes Passivhaus aufgebaut. Um 8:00 morgens wurde die erste Wand gestellt, bereits um 16: Uhr konnte Richt…
A tour of our tiny eco home we built in 2006. It is 650 square feet and still a work in progress. www.kloomer.blogspot.com
Ein Passivhaus ist ein Gebäude, das besonders gut wärmegedämmt ist. Durch diesen extrem hohen Wärmeschutz geht so gut wie keine Wärme durch die Wände, das Dach und die Fenster verloren. Die für das Haus erforderliche Heizenergie wird fast vollständig durch die Sonneneinstrahlung gedeckt. Für die restliche Wärme sorgen die Bewohner selbst, da jeder Mensch pro Stunde ca. 80 W an Energie an seine Umwelt abgibt. Auch beim Betrieb von Elektrogeräten wie z. B. dem Föhn, dem Backofen und dem Herd wird Wärme an die Räume abgegeben. Das Passivhaus-Ausstellungshaus „Variant 45-176 am Firmensitz von HANSE HAUS wurde vom Passivhaus Institut in [More]

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