brikawood maison brique bois en kit
Here is one man’s passion to SAVE THE PLANET….He uses recycled materials to make his furniture, floors, decoration and other practical functions. Solar energy, wind, biogas recycled water for duck ponds, etc…and other amazing efforts to do his part. We may want to follow his example! SHARE MY SITE WITH FRIENDS… info@globalvideoprotv.com
Italian architect Renato Vidal has designed an eco-friendly flat-pack home that costs $33,000 and only takes 6 hours to build. Subscribe for more architecture vids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDnY4847WkSLSO7U4cWfPbQ?sub_confirmation=1 Called M.A.DI homes, the units come in varying sizes, with prices beginning at €28,000 (£25,000 or $33,000) for the smallest 27 square metre (290 sq ft) single unit, rising to €62,000 (£55,000 or $73,000) for the 84 square metre (904 sq ft) triple family home.
Watch as Make It Right unveils a new three-piece prefabricated modular house, the Greenbuild Living Home CK5.4 at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo in New Orleans, October 22 to 24. Make It Right is the architecturally and ecologically advanced
Why let money stand in the way of your dream home?
80 sq m (860 sq ft) house delivered to your site some assembly required
Stunning! This large, two storey home is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. With four large bedrooms and walk in linen closet, this is a truly fabulous family home. Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Study: 1 Living area: 171.36m2 Verandah area: 81.72m2 Total area: 253.08m2 http://i-build.com.au/kit-homes-grandview/
Interior Design Ideas! Subscribe – http://bit.ly/1rgw89b Prefab Desert Homes, Modern Desert Homes Music – YouTube Audio Library – Video – RunmanReCords Design Desert Modern Prefabricated Homes
Living in a flat pack home Build Quickly, Building Cheap, Innovation in Construction with Container Prefabricated Modular Homes in Nova Deko – Today Tonight …

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