http://www.kofinas.gr/en/how-house-constructed/ 2 houses construction with the unique KOFINAS screw masonry, in unfinished STAGE 1 form.
Website:http://www.steelprefabhome.com/ Prefabricated house, Prefab house, Folding container house, Movable house, Portable house, Mobile house, Modular house, Steel structure building(warehouse, workshop and storage) and Sandwich panel (EPS, PU, Rock Wool).
November 30, 2017 (Persian calendar 1396/9/9) Iran Khatam Anbiya Construction Headquarter Prefabricated houses for Earthquake victims خانه هاي پيش ساخته زلزله زدگان قرارگاه خاتم الانبيا ايران
The home that takes SIX hours to construct: Flat pack family house costing £25,000 can be crumpled and moved to another area and is even tremor proof This is the creative level pack collapsing home which costs just £24,800, takes just six hours to fabricate and can be crumpled and moved to another area. Photographs indicate segments of the M.A.Di Home being delivered in a manufacturing plant in Italy, transported by truck and being unfurled and effortlessly amassed nearby. Time-slip by photographs demonstrate the cutting edge quake evidence home being changed into the last item, total with windows and entryways. [More]
These tiny houses are called M.A.DI homes. They are manufactured in Italy and transported like shipping containers to be quickly assembled in around 6 hours. The tiny homes start from around £24,600 for 27 square metres of living space. Each additional module costs €16,000 (£14,000 or $19,000) while an extra staircase will set you back €2,000 (£1,800 or $2,400). The tiny homes, which are manufactured by Italian wood specialist Area Legno, are also eco-friendly. —————————————-­­­­———- Follow BI UK on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Nz3jG3 Follow BI UK on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1VWDkiy Follow BI UK on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2gsLEds Read more on BI UK: uk.businessinsider.com —————————————-­­­­———- [More]
Tenheggeler Homes presents the building of Macarthy Rd Gladstone by Eco Cool Homes.
We self-develop expandable container house is convenient to assemble, can be moved frequently, more importantly, large space for mobile living. The production period is approx 20 days, all fittings have all been assembled in the factory, the house will be folded to save space during transportation, when shipped to destinations,it can be quickly and easily installed. We are expandable container house manufacturer in China. Folding houses combine the advantages of the container activities house and prefabricated modular house. Not only removable, easy to transport, but also internal use area is very large. All part of the house with all installed [More]
—By Junior Mantis— A continuación os dejo el Kit Local del Borussia Dortmund de la Temporada 2017-18. El Kit ha sido elaborado en su totalidad por @AerialEdson (Excelente Kitmaker). Os dejo el enlace a su Twitter para que lo sigáis: https://twitter.com/AerialEdson Cuarta Equipación del Borussia Dortmund desbloqueada por Junior Mantis para poder añadir este nuevo Kit. Descarga de los archivos necesarios aquí: http://bit.ly/KitBorussiaDortmund2017-18PES2017PS4 Si quieres estar al tanto de todos mis aportes suscríbete al Canal y Sígueme en Twitter: https://twitter.com/JuniorMantis Enlace al Blog donde subo mis aportes: http://editingpesbyjuniormantis.blogspot.com.es/ Música: ♫ RIVERO & Anna Yvette – Heaven [NCS Release] Music provided [More]
► RUSSIA NEW KIT HOME WORLD CUP 2014 by PAKDHE ► DESCARGA LINK AQUI POR [ MEGA ] : • https://mega.co.nz/#!GhxXAJ6I!Sdb3kFqkbsPoC8cukAbV70bx2kNyuP6a0h9QFcN1Odc ♦ INSTALACION : al extraer el rar pegar la carpeta en la sgte dirección de tu pes 2013 : Pro evolution soccer 2013\kitserver13\GDB\uni\National\Europe\Russia. .. remplazar y listo .. ► MI PAGINA DE FACEBOOK *-*/ DALELIKE •https://www.facebook.com/pages/162jea… ◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘­­◘◘◘◘◘ ► DESCARGA ULTIMO BOOTPACK [81] VFINAL – OCTUBRE 2013 / 2014 [ PES 2013 ] [ PC ] … ♦ AQUI : • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdP80D… ◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘­­◘◘◘◘◘ ► DESCARGA EL PESEDIT 6.0 • ULTIMO PESEDIT 2013 / 2014 [ PES 2013 ] [ PC [More]

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