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Form and Forest’s Beautiful Flat Pack Prefab Concept in British Columbia “Last year, Form and Forest came out with a fantastic line of flat pack prefab cabins for which it won a 2009 Canadian Architect Annual Award of Excellence. With so many concepts already out there, the newbie prefab maker decided they needed to prove how good their cabins would look in real life. The company recently completed a Pioneer cabin in Golden, British Columbia with a single-pitch shed roof, prefabricated wall system and ICF foundation. Form and Forest is the brainchild of brothers Jeff and Ryan Jordan, where Jeff [More]
Why let money stand in the way of your dream home?
Mehr Infos aus der Region Main-Rhön gibts unter http://www.radioprimaton.de
Kit Homes Videos >> http://www.kithomescoach.com.au/videos/index.htm – Transportable houses make a great granny flats, park cabins, vacation retreats, relative units, and many other uses. http – Kit Homes Tips >> http://www.kithomescoach.com.au/videos/index.htm
5 Tiny Prefabs. Vipp Shelter tiny prefab as precise industrialera appliance. Prebuilt homes Off grid cabin tiny house options you can afford for 10k. Kasita tiny prefab homeasaservice for postland urbanism. Norwegian wood LEGOassembling rural prefab cabin in 1 day. 15 Modern Prefabs in California Interior Design. Tiny portable prefab cube shelters in medieval French town. Small Portland prefab home stacks space to fit family of 3. Awesome Prefab House. Minimalism Frame Prefab Manages By Dwelle. Cool Small Prefab and Modular Homes. Best Small Modern Prefab Homes. 400 Sq Ft Modern Prefab Cabin. 1200 3Space Prefab Tiny House Can Be [More]
O Chef Eric Thomas faz uma breve apresentação de seu restaurante sustentável, Eco House. A primeira casa sustentável da America Latina.
AutoNews- A company has created off-grid dwellings that can be assembled in a week like ‘Ikea furniture’.Backcountry Hut Company says their Surf Shack model can be built almost anywhere with materials dropped in by helicopter.The pre-fab structures starting at $45,000 come in various sizes – from 191 square feet to 937 square feet – with the largest housing up to 24 people.The Canadian company lets customers design their own interior or pick from a range of options.Their in-house team of architects assists with permitting, documentation requirements, and customization.A flat pack kit of parts is delivered to the location, at which point [More]

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