Shannon from www.house-improvements.com shows you how to install soffit and fascia on your next home improvement DIY project.
► Website: https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/ ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuickGarden ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/quickgarden ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Quick-gardenCoUk ► Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/quickgarden/ ► Blogger: http://quick-garden.blogspot.com/ Please, visit our Blog here: ► https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/blog/ Here you will find a very detailed log cabin installation instructions. All easy steps shown and commented. We hope this will help you during assembly process of our products. Building a log cabin is easy and rewarding if you follow these instructions. Keep in mind that the product will be delivered in the compact package wrapped in plastic so keep the package indoor to protect it from bad weather. The package includes door locks, handles [More]
How to erect steel frames & trusses from Illawarra Steel Frame Homes for a Kit Home or Granny Flat
Earthbag construction is a durable and affordable technique for building houses. The system was developed specifically with the goal of making them earthquak…
With the house finally built Tommy has time to reflect on the past events. It was undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges he has ever had to face as a television presenter or a builder. Finished Eco house – Television Production We chose the summer of 2007 to shoot the series which turned out to be the worst summer for 50 years! Delays because of bad weather, late delivery of building materials and other factors all added to the pressure that is commonplace in TV production. Early tests have shown that the running costs of the house will be approximately [More]
Inside Tour of a Granny Flat, designed and built by registered builders and Australian owned company, Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Tom takes you on an inside tour of one of their display Granny Flats. To view the full range of Matt’s Homes Granny Flats designs, including prices visit http://www.mattshomes.com.au/granny-flats or phone today on 1300 62 88 77.
www.permies.com Mike Oehler guides us on a video tour of the house he wrote about in “The $50 and up underground house book”. At the time the video is taken, this underground house is 35 years old. The property has about six underground houses. This underground house was his home for most of the 35 years. A good example of an off grid tiny house build a long time ago. Mike’s book is the ultimate “how to” tutorial on cheap underground housing. He said that if he could do it all over again, he would call it “earth integrated”. This [More]
A short film showing the typical erection process of a Davinci Haus kit-home with images of the finished house. A sealed weather proof envelope is completed within 1 week! www.davinci-house.com
The kind destined to revolutionize the conventional rules of prefab. With our patented MHS Structural Aluminum Framing technology www.modularhousingsystem.com
Fusion 360 Evangelist, Taylor Stein, takes you through creating flat-pack furniture using robust, parametric modeling best practices. In this un-edited video, you’ll get a first-hand look at handling common mistakes we all make from time to time in Fusion 360! ► Get Fusion 360 | http://autode.sk/1OH7K3B SUBSCRIBE | http://autode.sk/11vxXeD FACEBOOK | http://autode.sk/19jII5A TWITTER | http://autode.sk/19jIJXc

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