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Form and Forest’s Beautiful Flat Pack Prefab Concept in British Columbia “Last year, Form and Forest came out with a fantastic line of flat pack prefab cabins for which it won a 2009 Canadian Architect Annual Award of Excellence. With so many concepts already out there, the newbie prefab maker decided they needed to prove how good their cabins would look in real life. The company recently completed a Pioneer cabin in Golden, British Columbia with a single-pitch shed roof, prefabricated wall system and ICF foundation. Form and Forest is the brainchild of brothers Jeff and Ryan Jordan, where Jeff [More]
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Dwarka India is an innovator when it comes to construction. Understanding the need of saving time and money, the company offers a unique concept of readymade structures. With the best of building technology, the company designs a structure with prefab walls that can be installed and reinstalled easily. These structures are easy to install earthquake resistant, temperature sustainable and require zero maintenance. The structures are Victorian Style Design and are made of unique prefab walls and cast iron products.
3D Animation Hansehaus Wandaufbau, CGI Gisbert Rueffert Produziert 2011, http://www.3d-artist.de.
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