Animated Video Walkthrough of the design from Ghent University for the 2011 Solar Decathlon Competition organised by the US Department of Energy.
ASK HOMES have built amazing homes in very prestigious areas through to the smallest homes in the cheapest areas. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. “If you want a better home, just ask”. Just because you’ll save thousands with u ASK does not mean you’re getting a less quality product; In fact quite the contrary! The steel home construction method is a far superior structure to timber. And don’t worry; you can still have a “Brick home”. The brick part is only the veneer, when they talk about a “Steel Home” they are simply referring [More]
Shows gradual construction of a kit home supplied by
Lethbridge real estate video of manufactured homes. Manufactured or factory built homes are a desirable housing option in some circumstances. The quality of these prefabricated homes meets or exceeds all building codes and they have come a long way since the days of old ‘mobile homes’. Any preconceived notions of a ‘trailer’ will be gone once you check out what the modern buildings look like. Lethbridge has 2 factories which manufacture these homes so the selection available is great.
Aladdin kit house catalog from 1962. Houses that you build yourself. Sent by freight car from the factory, these houses were not pre-fabricated, they were kits that came labeled like a model and were put together on site by the homeowner or a carpenter/contractor familiar with putting together the giant puzzle. Cheap kit homes that can be used for granny flats, vacation homes, or minning houses, military homes, and more. http
80 sq m (860 sq ft) house delivered to your site some assembly required Ultra-strong, ready-cut, very affordable kit homes. Two unskilled workers w/simple tools can assemble & finish in days. Highly insulated, all-weather structures (1-2 stories; 400-3000 sq ft). Easy to assemble steel-framed rigid insulation panel system, then apply ‘green’…
DIY video showing papercrete being sprayed directly on a metal 20′ shipping container for insulation and asthetic purposes. ]
Round prefabricated easy to assemble house package. Plywood and wood framing. Strong design that withstands severe motions caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. Natural Round and Green Living.
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