ASK HOMES have built amazing homes in very prestigious areas through to the smallest homes in the cheapest areas. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. “If you want a better home, just ask”. Just because you’ll save thousands with u ASK does not mean you’re getting a less quality product; In fact quite the contrary! The steel home construction method is a far superior structure to timber. And don’t worry; you can still have a “Brick home”. The brick part is only the veneer, when they talk about a “Steel Home” they are simply referring [More]
In 5 days, 24 students design, cut, and raise a 24’x24′ timber frame house using traditional hand tools and joinery. Shelter Institute offers this workshop 3 times each year in midcoast, Maine.
Like the word “immovable”, architecture does not have any movement. On the other hand, furniture refers to something that has movement. Then, what if architecture can be easily moved like furniture? What if furniture takes the role of architecture? Damdi Publishing Co. (specializing in architectural design publications) published their new title MOBILE ARCHITECTURE in spring 2011. This book comprises a total of 120 mobile projects, of 43 architects and offices, from 18 different countries around the world. The project spectrum is full of colors; listed projects include but are not limited to, prefabricated house, mobile exhibition booth, temporary house with [More]
Technical process info Geodesic wood dome מפרט טכני בנייה בעץ דום גאודזי.
Immobilienvideo der Stadtvilla “Potsdam”
Customer testimonials about Gosser Construction. Since 1978, quality you can trust. Serving Chicago’s North Shore for over 30 years. Strong reputation for qu…
isorast ist das erste zertifizierte Massivwandsystem für Passivhäuser.
Kartik Varma, Co-founder of iTrust Financial Advisors http://www.itrust.in/ speaks about why cheapest homes loans might not be the best for you.
http://www.dualchas.com – Self build Kit Houses from Dualchas, an award-winning Scottish architecture practice delivering design excellence and value for mon…

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