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Redbloc is a revolutionary system of prefabricated solid wall sections using rectified blocks made of ground material such as fired clay, expended clay or concrete. We show here the Redbloc walls installation on an individual house. See the website for more information: www.redblocsystems.com
this is the multifunction desk design for light steel structure container house.it can save much space for you.we are a manufacture of steel structure prefabricated houses in China.we can provide different design for container house ,prefabricated house,modular house,etc. feel free to contact us: internationprefab@hotmail.com.
Costa Rica, Central America Bamboo Houses, Custom Home Builders Prefabricate 1,2 and 3 Bedroom Homes. Eco Friendly sustainable building methods reduce your environmental construction footprint. Prefabricated and manufactured Teak and Bamboo modular homes in Southern Costa Rica. Modular homes are built in quality control wood shop environment, allow 90-120 days for delivery. reduce costly construction expenses by transporting your prefabricated home in one semi truck delivery trip. www.michaelincostarica.com precast concrete pavers and Spanish tiles. Modular bamboo homes now available in Costa Rica 2013. Design, order and wait 90-120 days.certified contractors can help you put your home together, or you can [More]
Gaming Channel! www.youtube.com Dan’s Twitter! twitter.com Wot’s Twitter! twitter.com Nerd³ Site! nerdcubed.co.uk After a bit of time off we’re back! With a DIY Tutorial! YAY! Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod http Theme: “Plucky Daisy” www.incompetech.com
PRICE REDUCED TO $44900 Beautiful Parcel Of Land Surrounded By New Homes on Michiels Rd ( just South of Cty Hwy JJ, but North of Hwy 29) in Eaton. Great For Your Country Home. Denmark Schools. Percs For Mound System. Suitable For A Walk Out Style Home. *** Only 5 Restrictive Covenants *** 1. No prefabricated homes to be built on property 2.Homes to have at least 1/3 brick front 3. Developer to approve all plans 4. Every home must be completed within 1 year of construction date 5. No dirt shall be removed from the property unless developer gives [More]
Builder Sam Clark (Independent Builder: Designing & Building a House Your Own Way) explains how to construct and design a simple, affordable, energy efficient house, using solar power, native materials, and imagination. He takes us on a tour of how to envision what methods, techniques, and economic constraints make a home a warm, inviting, and unique place. He gives great tips on how to live well using less space, and combining ecological methods without the economic stresses of high cost projects that won’t save you money in the long run. Instead, Clark provides us with helpful expertise on how to [More]
The RAL 2 Special is designed to suit fire-prone areas. The underside of the floor is insulated and enclosed by cement sheeting. The curved exterior reduces the area in which debris can accumulate and be exposed to embers during a fire. Many more features make this the perfect design, watch the video to see how the RAL 2 Special was designed and built.
myownloghomecompany.com My Own Log Home Company | 1-800-521-5647 | 516 River Street, Ellijay, ga, 30540, North Georgia “Welcome to our mill. This is where we go from rough, green lumber (as we call it) -green, treated lumber – to a finished product. This equipment has been here for years. Fortunately it’s all paid for. It does the job. And I want to introduce you to the process and what happens from this point forward. This is where we go from rough lumber to basically a finished product. Finished as far as the shape of the member is concerned. We have [More]
Beach house plans kit homes for island retreats. Several beach house plans to choose from. To purchase please call BeachCat Homes LLC 707.526.3217

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