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The most eminent British researchers in the field of science and technology are Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Robert Hooke, Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestley, JJ Thomson, Charles Babbage, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Wren, Alan Turing, Francis Crick, Joseph Lister, Tim Berners-Lee, Paul Dirac, Andrew Wiles and Richard Dawkins.
Uallas is an exemplary house with personality. This progressive design features flexible indoor and outdoor spaces. The striking modern appearance is achieved with sustainable and affordable materials to deliver the maximum space and features. This structure stands up to the demands of the contemporary family.
Boyan is a modern nomad; he was born in Bulgaria, is a resident of the Netherlands has lived in the UK, Ireland, India, Israel, Palestine and Brazil (he has many jobs, including solar panel installer, professional street artist). So when he began working for a friend’s yurt company, helping set up Mongolian gers, he fell in love with the lifestyle and soon bought his own traditional mobile home. It’s been almost a year since he and his partner moved into their 21 square meter ger (the Mongolian term for “home”) and they love its simplicity and the freedom it affords [More]
ozziesellshomes.com Ozzie Marten, Realtor, Interviews Expert Mortgage Consultant, Dante Puorro (Investors Savings Bank) and discuss the peak and decline of the real estate market from of lending perspective.
Like the word “immovable”, architecture does not have any movement. On the other hand, furniture refers to something that has movement. Then, what if architecture can be easily moved like furniture? What if furniture takes the role of architecture? Damdi Publishing Co. (specializing in architectural design publications) published their new title MOBILE ARCHITECTURE in spring 2011. This book comprises a total of 120 mobile projects, of 43 architects and offices, from 18 different countries around the world. The project spectrum is full of colors; listed projects include but are not limited to, prefabricated house, mobile exhibition booth, temporary house with [More]
Sea Trade Worldwide Co., Ltd. is a Professional Manufacturer of prefab houses, container house, modular villa and steel structures. As the leading enterprise in design, manufacture in Prefabricated House
3D Virtual Walkthrough of the Greenwich Carriage Barn, main floor is used to store automobiles and the upper floor offers a Club room. By Yankee Barn Homes … www.barnmakers.com http … -No Audio- Eastman Contractor Olde Farms Construction New England Manufactured Architecture 03753 CADworks Architect Modular Homes Floor Plans Construction Debro Vineyard Country Master Bedroom Bathroom Timberframe Living Designer Layout Framing Create Prefabricated House Small Cottage Barn Style Farm Door Loghomes Great Room Additions Studio YankeeBarnHomes
www.steelelements.com – Steel framing solution in Haiti. Thousands already shipped to Haiti. See how SEI can help your organization set up housing for tens of thousands of people! Steel Elements

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