Very proud to be the manufacturer for kit house in Papua New Guinea. https://facebook.com/stratoshomes/
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This kind of prefabricated House is fireproof , earthquake proof and can be build very quickly
Brent-Wood Products, Inc. is the manufacture of the USA made Bow Wow Dog Houses. We present an overview of why we believe every dog deserves a home from Bow Wow Dog Houses. We have a large variety of assembled houses, kit houses, themed homes and custom houses. Please visit our website at www.BowWowDogHouses.com for more information. Thank you for viewing. #Grow #Build #Love
This quirky house gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘living in a cardboard box’.Designers in Amsterdam have created kit houses made out of cardboard, which can be put up in just a day.The Fiction Factory’s Wikkelhouse is a recyclable abode that costs just £26,617 (€30,000).The shelter is built using high-strength, 24-layer-thick cardboard bonded together with eco-friendly superglue.This ‘incredibly robust sandwich’ is then moulded into giant ring-like shapes by craftsmen in the factory.These sections can then slot together to construct a house as large as the builder desires.Bathrooms and kitchen areas can be installed for an extra fee.The chunky [More]
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In this video making an Artificial Flower.In this we are using toothpick, green tap, Fevicol , Stick , A4 size paper, Scissor.It will look like a Real flower.We can also making a Bouquet using this flower & also we can gift in wedding , Anniversary etc.We can also put in the flower pot in our house.It will look pretty. In this video we are mention step also.We can also use in Party Decoration.So we can make a colourfull Flower using Paper. In this video making an Artificial Flower.In this we are using toothpick, green tap, Fevicol , Stick , A4 [More]

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