Quando i bambini sono ancora piccoli la cosa più importante è che la propria casa sia alla loro portata e pensata per la famiglia. Quando i figli sono ormai cresciuti e hanno preso la propria strada le esigenze cambiano, e spesso si prova nuovamente il desiderio di avere una casa che soddisfi le proprie necessità. Il progetto abitativo di Livello unico 133 è stato pensato proprio in funzione di una casa comoda e senza barriere per chi è più in là negli anni; tutte le stanze sono allo stesso piano e quindi comodamente accessibili senza dover superare gradini. La distribuzione [More]
DIY Home – thiết kế, thi công nội thất,quán nhậu, quán cafe, nhà hàng, take a way, Shop thời trang, theo phong cách vintage, rustic, retro, industrial,… http://diyhomesu.com/ https://www.facebook.com/DecorRestaurant/
Kasita unveils prefabricated tiny houses that slot into racks like wine bottles Videos with the following content: #tinyhouse #tinyhome #smallhouse #tinyapartment #cottage #cabin Feel free to share, comment and subscribe to the youtube channel to watch upcoming videos. Thank you! Subscribe Channel: https://goo.gl/ULTt8L Playlist: Follow Google plus: https://goo.gl/jQRR6R Wish you and your family a relaxing and happy time. Sincerely thank you for visiting my videos and YouTube channel. Source: https://www.dezeen.com
http://karmod.com/en Outstanding features, Superb quality and affordable prices Karmod is a World pioneer in manufacturing of prefab modern modular homes. Our prefabricated houses are spread all over the world and are used as housing estates, social housing, tourist villages, chalet, villas, cottages, bungalows and residential houses.
The majority of new homes in Malaysia are built using traditional construction method. Most of us are familiar with this method and, along with a number of advantages, there is a deep historical and psychological attachment to traditional construction that has contributed to its continuation as the main house building method in Malaysia. As technology, manufacturing processes and construction knowledge increase so do the number of house construction methods available to house builders. The term Industrialized Building System (IBS) refers to a collection of relatively new construction techniques that aim to offer advantages over traditional methods. Although referred to as [More]
Daily DIY Home- Recycled Grocery Bag Do you have an old pair of tshirt that you’ve outgrown but can’t part away with? Simply turn it into this awesome grocery bag! #DailyDIY #MakeLifeSimple For professional advice on Home Decor, book an expert on www.UrbanClap.com
Survival kit from ZIPTAC This entry level survival kit houses a fantastic selection of items designed to give you many different options for many different scenarios such as, maintaining your core body temperature, processing food, making fire, navigation, self-defence, communication, escape or enter structures, lighting and for a true survivalist / prepper much much more. The items in this kit if I were to rate them out of 5 would average out to a 3, mid range. The build quality is very reasonable for the most part and they perform very well. The only item I’m not too sure about [More]
Flat pack! Sold to people with the promise that it is easy to ‘self assemble’, ‘people’ turn for help. I have assembled a lot of ‘flat pack’ furniture over the years, first thing to understand is that it is never a ’20 minute job’.
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